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Spanish Private Classes in Seville

Completely personalised classes for one or two students

Lessons/Week 50 min each
Schedule Flexible
Students/Class 1-2
Levels A1-C2
Minimum age All ages

Private Spanish Classes in Seville

Take our Spanish private classes in Seville and watch as your Spanish level skyrockets. There is no way to improve your Spanish at a faster rate than by taking private classes. Get 100% personalised lessons that target exactly what you want and need at a time that’s convenient to you. We also have online private classes available.

Maybe you’re already taking Spanish classes and want to take private lessons on the side. Maybe you’re planning on coming to Seville and want to learn Spanish effectively but in limited time. Maybe you live in Seville and want to fit in Spanish lessons around your already busy schedule. Whatever your reason, taking private lessons with one of our top-class Spanish teachers will improve your Spanish as quickly as possible.

Learn Spanish at a teacher’s home in Seville

Dates and prices 2024


Spanish private lessons 2024
Students lessons Price
1 5 230€
1 10 460€
1 20 900€
2 5 150€
2 10 300€
2 20 580€

About Our Spanish course


Why Seville?

If you’re considering private lessons in Seville then it’s possible you’re already fortunate enough to be here, but for those who haven’t decided on Seville yet, you’re in for a treat. Seville is one of those places that feels like it just shouldn’t be real. Do you know how Disneyland makes those picturesque fake towns that are too good to be true? Well, Seville is actually like that and it’s 100% real.

Spend your days getting lost down a labyrinth of cobbled alleyways, eating tapas at a restaurant in one of Seville’s sprawling plazas, taking a stroll down by the river, or soaking up the sun on one of Seville’s many rooftop terraces. Studying can be stressful, but not when you study in the most laid-back city in the world. Seville is the ultimate getaway.

What will I study with my private teacher?

When it’s just you and your teacher, the two of you can pinpoint exactly what areas you need to improve on, and work together to patch up those holes in your Spanish. This is excellent for progress in specific areas, such as phonetic difficulties or extra help with grammar or vocabulary. Your spoken Spanish will also improve exponentially since there are no other classmates to hide behind, which forces you to push your language muscles to the limits and beyond.

Private Classes for 1

A fully tailored course with one-to-one lessons. This is the best way to learn Spanish if you have specific objectives or you want to fit your Spanish classes around your busy schedule. This course is also very popular with students already enrolled in one of our intensive Spanish courses, as it reinforces some concepts and helps overcome individual difficulties with grammar and pronunciation. It’s a great boost to anyone’s Spanish level!

Private Classes for 2

Don’t want to be on your own? We also run private classes for two students at a time. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants personalised attention from their teacher but still wants to practice dynamically with another student. You’ll be able to work on all of the same areas as Private Classes for 1 and the classes can still be highly tailored to both of you.

Important Information

Our Spanish private classes in Seville are packaged into bundles of 5 lessons. Each lesson lasts 50 minutes. The minimum you can book is 1 bundle (5 lessons).

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