Your Erasmus+ Courses in Spain

Don’t let the chance slip away to fully benefit from your Erasmus+ grant by immersing yourself in the enriching educational experiences offered at CLIC centres

Sevilla, Cádiz & Málaga

Innovation & ICT - Arts & Wellbeing

One or two weeks

Erasmus+ with CLIC

CLIC is an excellent option for those looking for a high-quality educational experience, in a welcoming environment and with a wide range of additional services to make the most of their stay in Spain with Erasmus+.

Everything else is up to us!

All you need to focus on is submitting your application for the Erasmus+ grant and planning your journey. Here at CLIC, we’re delighted to take care of all the other arrangements on your behalf.




40 years in the field of international education


All our courses are designed with you in mind


Participants from more than 50 countries


An environment adapted to your needs

What Erasmus+ courses do we offer?

Mindfulness in Education

Mindfulness in Education

This one-week Erasmus+ course on mindfulness for teachers and educational staff aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of mindfulness and its benefits for personal and professional growth.

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