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Why do the Young Learners Course at Clic International House in Seville?

Young learners course

Let us talk about Young Learners Course and tell you some great reasons to do this IHCYLT extensive course with us 10/02/2020 – 22/05/2020!

Let’s start with a major one – employability. Business is booming all over the world when it comes to teaching kids, face to face or online. And more and more schools, academies and online providers are demanding that alongside your CELTA you also possess the Young Learners Certificate, accredited by Cambridge Assessment English. It helps your potential employer rest at ease, knowing that you possess all the relevant skills for the job.

Then there is the ‘fear factor’. Some new teachers are downright terrified by the prospect of teaching a group of Young Learners from 4 to 16 years of age – and as a result they get off to a tricky start with their groups. Our face to face methodology and feedback sessions at Clic International House on Fridays from 10.00-14.00 will help you get to grips with dos, don’ts and tips for best practice in a quick and manageable way. Our expert team will show you how to establish yourself, at the same time as ensuring that your class is having a good time and picking up all the abilities they’ll need for their future in English.

I’m just after some new ideas about Young Learners Course

What about if you are an experienced teacher? Sometimes, when you have been teaching kids for a long time, you can reach a point where you feel a little stagnant and are looking for some renovation and regeneration in your methods, games and techniques. Another perfect reason to take this hands-on and highly practical course!

And, when we say it is practical, we really mean it. On this course there will be 4 practice assessments with your students (2 different levels) at your school (in the Seville area only). We will evaluate and assist you in a really personal way which means you can work on what you want and need to improve to get the most out of yourself and your students. Of course, there is some reading and written work to reinforce what you have discovered. But above all, this is about you, in the classroom and how you do what you do.

Finally, the pace of this extensive course makes it that little bit easier to study. We all have to live and work and sometimes fitting in an intensive course just isn’t viable. That is why this time we are offering a course that runs from 10th Feb to the 22nd of May. With input sessions only on Friday, you’ll have the space and time to work through the course more comfortably. There is even a discount for teachers from ACEIA schools and discounts for multiple teachers from the same school. 

So, the question isn’t why do the course, the question is, why not?