Spanish Language Schools in Spain located in Seville, Cadiz, and Malaga

Why do a CELTA teacher training course with us at CLIC IH in Malaga or Seville?

So, you’re thinking about teaching English as a foreign language abroad but not sure which course to do. Well here are a few issues to consider…


CELTA (The Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) is a Cambridge English Language Assessment Teaching Award, which is part of the University of Cambridge in the UK. It is considered the most internationally recognized qualification in the English teaching world, and was first developed by International House as a pre-service teacher training course and then further developed and adopted by Cambridge in 1985. The course in its current format has been offered since 2001 and you can find nearly 300 CELTA centres in over 50 countries where prospective English teachers are being trained by highly qualified tutors on a course which is moderated by an external assessor who visits the course. The course is held in high regard by Directors of Studies looking for new teachers to employ. There are hundreds of other TEFL courses out there but so many of them may NOT be accepted as proof of high quality pre-employment training, whereas a CELTA qualification will be, so think carefully before spending your money on what may be a cheaper but less recognized or unknown course.


Since 1998 near 2000 candidates have successfully completed the course with us. Doing a course with us means that you will receive training in modern teaching methods AND you get the chance to put these into practice by teaching local Spanish students in our school. Our intensive courses run for 4 weeks, and you gain 6 hours of real teaching practice which you are observed on and get detailed feedback on from your tutors to help you further develop. So it is a highly practical course; you learn by doing, not learn by study alone. The methodology sessions are also very practical. We have a very friendly and experienced team of tutors to help ensure that your CELTA experience doesn’t disappoint you!


Very importantly, we can help you to find a job after the course – so many schools, be they based locally or further abroad, contact us when they are looking for teachers, and we pass all of this information on whilst you are on the course and during the following year. Of course we cannot guarantee every course participant a job at our own centre but it is not unheard of – more than half a dozen of our current teachers here at our Seville centre did the CELTA course with us, so there may be in-house opportunities too. We can guarantee invaluable advice on job hunting, CVs and ‘interview dos and don’ts’ to help you find a job post-course. And the great news is the fact that the Spanish teaching jobs market is very buoyant at the moment!

So, what are you waiting for? Come and join us on one of our CELTA courses; there are places available in Malaga and Seville from September 1st onwards; hope to see you there!!