So why do the Celta course?

Well, first what does this stand for?

It stands for; Certificate in teaching English to speakers of other languages. Possibly not what you thought it stood for but there you are, this is what Celta is and it´s pronounced with a C not K!

So, now we know what it actually stands for and how to pronounce it, what does it entail and how much work is it?

Well, believe me when I say you need to eat, breathe and sleep Celta for a month; it´s full on! Now, I don´t want to put you off as it is hard work but it´s fun, too.

Let´s hear what some ex-Celta trainees have said about the course; “ It´s been a pleasure! I really enjoyed the course and the teaching”. “An enjoyable but hard course!” “ Great tutors!” “ Lovely environment, fun course” “Very professional. I learned a lot from observing other teachers and receiving feedback”.

So, what did they mean by feedback, teacher observations, etc?

Well the Celta course consists of two main components; TP in the mornings, which means teaching practice, where you observe your colleagues and teach a minimum 6 hours of classes in total at two or a maximum of three levels (elementary, intermediate, etc). In the afternoon, we have our methodology sessions where the tutors give you input on various teaching approaches and techniques such as how to teach pronunciation etc. As well as all this you have to submit 4 assignments and these are integrated into the course.

Where are all our Celta qualified teachers now?

So, there you have some interesting views from ex-Celta teachers and some information about the Celta course! Well maybe it’s better to ask where aren’t they now?! As they say, the world’s your oyster and they are all over the place ranging from down the road here in Seville to the other side of the world in China, Russia, South America…… and the list continues…… !!

So, want to change your career, have a go at something different, meet and work with a group of people with similar interests, take part in a particular course and get 6 hours teaching experience under your belt? If so, you know where we are!

Joanna Tullis

Celta Trainer, Clic IH Sevilla

Joanna has been teaching English since 1996. She started her teaching career in Florence, Italy where she taught a range of levels and ages. In Italy she was particularly interested in teaching young learners and developed this whilst she was there. She then did the DELTA course in London, where she worked in Oxford House College. Joanna then moved to Mexico where she became an ADOS at a small, privately owned language school. In Mexico, Joanna was responsible for teacher training sessions and designed an intensive curriculum for the summer school courses. Joanna now lives in Seville and works full time on the CELTA, Young Learner and Business courses run here at CLIC. She thoroughly enjoys her work and loves meeting different people from all over the globe.

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