December is not always the easiest month for us TEFL teachers with umpteen exams to be
marked and endless reports to be written. All this often comes on top of the stress of
international travel and Ryanair-restricted Christmas shopping but please don’t panic! Our
teacher training team here at CLIC IH Seville have put together some of our favourite festive
activities to ensure a really Merry Christmas is had by your VYLS, YLs and Teens in the final
week of term. You’ve got this!

Activity 1: Pin the Nose on the Rudolph (YLS/YLS)

This is an all-time party classic loved by all.
Get the kids to draw/colour and cut out a large Reindeer silhouette, ensuring plenty of
classroom language is going on by drilling expressions like “Can I have the red pencil please?”
and “Where are the scissors?” beforehand.
Then tape the reindeer to the wall and (gently!) blindfold a kid with a scarf. The other
students than guide the plucky volunteer to position the nose with blutack as closely as
possible to the where it should sit on the reindeer’s face. They will need language like “Up,
down, left, right” or “higher, lower” for older YLs works well.

You will find a handy template for the reindeer here: CLICK HERE

Activity 2: Pass the Parcel (VYLS-Teens)

This is another traditional party game which can easily be given a TEFL twist.
Use newspaper to wrap a small prize like a festive rubber. Wrap multiple layers and between
each layer, hide a question or forfeit. The students sit in the circle and pass the parcel round
as music plays. When the teacher stops the music, the student who is holding the parcel then
opens a layer and either answers a question or chooses another student to answer. The
questions and forfeits can easlily be adapted to different ages and levels. For vyls, you put a
picture between each layer and they have tos ay “It’s a……” or for teens you could use First
Certificate sentence transformations-the sky’s the limit! To save yourself extra prep, you can
also get the students to write the questions and create the parcel for another class who could
then write a short thank you note for their efforts. Student-generated materials never fail to
give motivation a boost after all.

You can find some inspiration for party forfeits here: CLICK HERE

Activity 3: Festive Comics (YLs-Teens)

Who doesn’t look forward to the new Christmas adverts on TV each year? And the great news
is that they are short enough to be used in class and often have a great story.

For this creative activity, start by putting the students into pairs with one student facing to
board and the other facing away. As the video of the advert plays, get the student facing the
board to describe what is happening to their partner. Change roles two or three times before
the ad finishes. Then replay the advert to everybody and pause every 30 seconds or so and
elicit and write on the board what has happened in that par of the story. Try to break the ad
down into 5 or 6 written sections. You can then hand out A3 comic templates and the kids
create a comic in pairs using the written prompts on the board. Encourage them to change the
story if they like and make sure they write before they draw or it could take until Easter!
Display the comics in reception or the corridors as it’s always fab to give them an audience for
their writing. A real mishmash of speaking, listening, reading and writing which always goes
down a storm!

Here is one of our favourite adverts for YLs:

And you can find comic templates here: CLICK HERE

We hope you find these activities useful and wish a very, very Merry Christmas to one and all!