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To Celta or not to Celta?

The reason I want to do a CELTA and YL is because this is literally the passport to the world. No matter which country you want to stay in, you are very employable after completing the CELTA course. I am originally from Hong Kong and had a decent job for selling diamonds as a diamond trader. However, I have always fancied the life in Europe, especially in Spain as I started to learn Spanish some years ago and I got to know about the Spanish culture and lifestyle which are very interesting to me. After constantly wondering the life...

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Surviving the CELTA Course

So you’re an EFL teacher. Maybe you’re a recent university graduate. Or maybe you’ve decided to have a career change… Regardless of your motivation, you’ve decided to study the CELTA with CLIC. That’s great news! I did the same earlier this year, and as you’ve probably already heard, it’s one of the toughest EFL qualifications out there. (If you didn’t know that, I apologise profusely, but forewarned is forearmed, so you’re welcome.) As much as people told me it was hard work, and as much as I listened, I didn’t really understand it until week three (hereafter referred to...

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How CELTA changed my life

A month before embarking on the CELTA course, at nearly 32 years of age, I had moved back home to my parents in a small town in the middle of Ireland. A place I hadn’t lived in since I was 17. I had travelled back from Canada, having left my partner of ten years behind and my cosy full time job. I did not give all this up for CELTA. However, I no longer had a home, a job or friends in this new life I was starting. CELTA, you gave all this to me and more. Initially, you...

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Doing the Delta

Doing the CELTA course was one of the most fun and challenging experiences I’ve ever had. I had no experience prior to doing it, and I learned so much in such a short period of time. I left the course highly motivated, ready to teach and prepared to further develop my knowledge and skills. In the next few years, I learned a lot from my classes, my mentors, and the colleagues in the staff room. However, it became clear that often the people who were able to help me the most, had all done something called ‘the DELTA course.’...

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A day in the life of a CELTA trainee

From the second day you are thrown in and find yourself teaching English. It sounds terrifying but the tutors are really good, they help prepare you for the lesson. I really enjoyed it, the students understood me and I felt great at the end. That was the beginning. So what’s a typical day like? We start with a class, or input session, with one of our tutors on an aspect of teaching – lesson planning, what to include in reading or listening lessons, how to teach vocabulary and grammar, how to help students to improve pronunciation, how to correct...

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