Spanish Language Schools in Spain located in Seville, Cadiz, and Malaga

“Studying a Spanish course is easy, because CLIC offers you accommodation and facilities”


Check out this interview with Gerald Grampelhuber, a student here at CLIC Seville and explains than studying a Spanish course is easy. After finishing one of his Spanish classes he very kindly gave us a few minutes of his time before heading off to practise one of his greatest passions in life, rowing. Gerald is an Austrian business man who runs a company specialising in providing technical parts. He has been to Spain several times, to work and also to enjoy cycling and windsurfing in Mallorca and Fuerteventura. This is Gerald’s second visit to CLIC this year and he explains  how and why he fell in love with Seville.

Hello Gerald, thank you for agreeing to talk to us. Firstly, we’d like to know more about you and your experience as a Spanish student here at CLIC Seville.

– Is this the first time you have taken classes at a language school?

– No, it’s the second time. The first time I came to CLIC Seville was in Spring. And I’ve come back again now.

– What made you choose CLIC?

– I started looking for a place to study. I saw CLIC Seville online and I liked it, so I signed up. For me it was really easy. I’d already been studying Spanish for 2 years in Austria. I originally took private classes with a tutor in my village.

– Was it important to you that CLIC was in Seville?

– Yes, of course, because one of my greatest passions is rowing and Seville is a rowing city. It’s well known all over the world for its passion for rowing. I am a member of the Seville City Rowing Club. I get out on to the Guadalquivir every day to row and I love it. In Seville, I have the chance to train my mind and my body at the same time, learning a language and rowing – it’s a great combination.

– How was the process of planning your visit and finding a place to stay in Seville? Was it difficult?

– For me it was easy. I reserved the course and accommodation on the Internet and it was really simple. Studying a Spanish course is easy, because CLIC offers you accommodation and facilities, and they helped me out with any questions I had.

– Now we would like to talk to you about your classes. What have you enjoyed most about your classes?

– In CLIC? For me it is all really new. An adventure! The first time I came to Seville I studied on the Seniors Course, aimed at people who are 50+. This time I am here for 3 weeks and I am in a general spanish class with lots of different types of students. I am really enjoying studying with this mixed group because I am learning how and what other generations think.

– What types of activities do you do in class?

– Right now we are learning the subjunctive. (Smiles) It’s a bit difficult but I like it.

– How about the Cultural Programme at CLIC? Have you taken part in any of our activities?

– Yes. Last weekend I went on a trip to Estepa. I really liked it. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it on the next trip to Granada.

– Would you recommend our courses to other people?

– Yes, yes.  I have really enjoyed them. Overall it’s a really interesting experience here in CLIC Seville. And I would recommend it to mature students too.

– What would you say to other mature students who are considering doing a course like this but haven’t quite plucked up the courage yet?

– I would say that studying on a course in CLIC is really easy because they offer you classes, accommodation and also all the facilities you need. Everything is really close to hand. It’s simple.

– What do you think you will take back home to Austria from this experience?

– There are two things I will take back with me. Firstly, the classes. I really have enjoyed them. So I definitely won’t forget working on my Spanish with my teachers and classmates. Secondly, there is the rowing. It is my dream combination. In fact, after this interview I am going down to the Rowing Club to practise. The river is beautiful and fantastic for rowing. It is well known all over the world, for teams from the USA, Holland and Austria…