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English teacher interview

Why there is no wrong reason to take an Intensive Language Course at CLIC IH

by Ruby Jagger, English teacher in CLIC International House Seville.

Let’s start with some facts. Lots of students worry about study an intensive language course because of the time and money commitment.  And I would say, yep – you need some time and you need some money for the course. BUT if you can ring fence that time and allocate that cash, you definitely won’t look back and here are some of the reasons why:

It’s rewarding: Working with a clear deadline and a clear objective is really satisfying. Your teacher knows how to help every member of the class push towards their end goal. Maybe you want or need a certified level to get your degree or to open up new career opportunities. Or perhaps you just want to whizz through a level to be able to improve your fluency and vocab when you travel. Our team is kickass. We are well-qualified, we love our jobs and that is gonna help you stay on track and love the language you’re learning. Albeit an intense experience.

You find a community: Going through an intense experience forges friendships. I’ve been teaching these courses for 11 years and one of the things that never ceases to surprise me is the brilliance, the drive and the dedication of the students who walk through that door to join me in class three times a week. And before you know it, that class can chat, joke, even (god forbid) wasapp in English. I love to see that coming together of minds and opinions in a shared English context. And it makes me proud to teach.

English teacher Ruby JagerWe’re honest with you: I like to hang out in the reception sometimes (the team there are lovely) so I have heard how it goes. A potential student will say: ‘I want to do B2 now. Why can’t I?’ or ‘There is another Academy that offers this course for half the price that says I can go directly to C1!’. But we need to think carefully about that. In Spain you have an expression that I love ‘Lo barato siempre sale caro’. CLIC IH has more than 35 years of experience. We don’t want you to waste your time or money. We want you to be happy with us in the long run. So we are not scared to tell it how it is. If we recommend that you need 2 courses, it is because you do. And if we think you can jump a course, we’ll tell you that too. Professionalism is our specialism.

You’re in great hands: If you sign up with us you know you’ll get top quality teaching. Our staff are all experienced natives, professional and well respected. And we love learning languages too. We know how to make classes that are dynamic and fun (because no one likes sitting in a classroom bored or lost). We use the latest materials and technology to add variety into our classes. And if you want to get an exam qualification, you can rest assured that our people know all strategies and tricks you’ll need to succeed on the day. Not every language school can say that.

And the cherry on top? Sign up with us and you get the extra benefit of one free conversation class each week. That means that you can come and try out what you’ve been learning in your classes. Meet new people and chat in English, all carefully watched over by a native pro. Many of my students have done that and you can really hear the difference just from that extra exposure and practice. You can even investigate finding an intercambio with one of our foreign students who’s here to learn Spanish. Tempted?

Then go for it! Find out more about our Intensive Courses starting in January, gift a course to someone else or follow through on a New Year’s Resolution. We’re here to help.