Spanish Language Schools in Spain located in Seville, Cadiz, and Malaga

Are you over 50 and planning to take up Spanish or just improve your language skills. A Spanish language course for seniors may be an excellent option for you if you are aged over 50.

Before you take the plunge, however, do see if your needs match those outlined below.

You love learning and speaking foreign languages… and Spanish is one of them. You find pleasure in being able to communicate in other languages, the idea of being able to produce words and sentences in a foreign language is hugely motivating.  You are not aiming at becoming bilingual, but yes, at feeling at ease in Spain, in South America or even in North America.

You care about intercultural communication and you go for smart travelling. You travel the world with the need to be able to connect with people, understand their culture, interact with them and create emotional connections with the place you visit and the people that live there. Speaking languages will give you dozens of opportunities to travel smart and not just be yet another sightseer.

You want to be with mature students who share the same interests and perspectives. You are looking for classmates of your generation with whom you share aspirations and tastes. You wish to make international friends who are also keen to embrace Spanish culture and its people.  You want to enjoy classroom activities with students that go at the same pace and the have the same motivation.

Cultural enrichment and understanding are key to your desire to learn Spanish. You want to learn Spanish to discover the true Flamenco. To discover Tango, Picasso, Pablo Neruda and the countless other sources of inspiration and pleasure that the extraordinary Spanish-speaking cultures provide.  Whether you choose Madrid, Buenos Aires or Granada, what you want is to embrace the essence of the local culture:  its traditions, the politics and social environment and people’s way of life and aspirations or even frustrations.

And finally, now where to go…

The choice is endless and you should pick your destination according to your tastes and expectations. Some cities like Granada, Seville or Salamanca offer a perfect opportunity to fall in love with the Spanish Language, the architecture and the culture attached to them. Some other cities such as San Sebastian, Santiago or even Barcelona offer a totally different and unique perspective on Spain. Malaga, Valencia or Cadiz will allow you to bask in the sun on the beach while enjoying perhaps the best climate of Europe.

To make your decision, you may want to look up on internet: have a look at and for schools have a look at:

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