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About our Spanish School in Seville

Everything you need to know about CLIC, leading Spanish Language School in Seville

Where are we?

More information on how to get to our Spanish school in Seville.

Meet the Team

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CLIC Virtual Tour

Explore the interior of the CLIC school building, including classrooms, the main patio, and the rooftop terrace.

Work with CLIC IH

Working with CLIC International House Seville or Cádiz means entering the worldwide network of International House, a global organization present in 45 countries around the world. Clic teachers and staff are selected on the basis of their teaching vocation and potential cross-cultural profile.

By studying at Clic, you are actively supporting MUSEKE.

MUSEKE (which means “smile” in Kinyarwanda, an official language of Rwanda) is a charitable organization set up to help underprivileged children in Rwanda and Burundi, two African nations with a long history of conflict and poverty, to which we are trying to bring a little happiness.

What you can expect from CLIC Sevilla

Expect … Really good Spanish teachers committed to quality

Your success depends very much on the quality of teaching: we only employ teachers who have proven their passion for the Spanish language, are committed to quality, have been trained to use a communicative methodology, and clearly understand what student-centred teaching means.

Expect … A comfortable, bright, and spacious classroom

No need to leave your book on the floor or to squirm in your chair, no need to prick up your ears or feel cramped: expect comfort, space, light and high quality equipment!

Expect … A lot of action in your Spanish classes

No chance to hide away here, there will only be between 5 and 9 other students in your group, so expect your teacher to make you practice both your spoken and written Spanish at all times. However, don’t worry, you will have plenty of opportunities to talk about your own interests and share them with your classmates and teacher.

Expect … A multicultural, multi-generational, and cosmopolitan atmosphere

Japanese, Swiss, German, Korean, American, these are just some of the nationalities of our students and they all share the same goal: to learn Spanish. More than 2000 people from 30 different countries come here each year, and that’s not including our Spanish students! Expect to make some new friends from who knows where…

Expect … A safe, clean, and cozy school with stunning premises

With more than 2000 square meters and a beautiful central patio, CLIC Seville perfectly mixes the city’s historical architecture with modern equipment and technology. Our school is also wheelchair accessible, offers a rooftop terrace with a pool, and of course free WiFi.

Expect … A welcoming and budget friendly foodies’ corner

Does studying usually make you hungry? You’re not the only one! Before, in between, an after your Spanish classes, expect a wide variety of Spanish and international food at a really good price from our cafeteria located in the large central patio, where you can share your meals with new friends.

Expect … A rich, social, and varied cultural programme

Your Spanish learning experience will not be limited to your classroom, so expect loads of social and cultural action: guided walks, museums, cooking, painting, language exchange parties with locals, movie screenings, and other new surprises every week.

Expect … A welcoming and carefully selected accommodation within walking distance of our school

Your accommodation is also an important part of your Spanish course in Seville. Whether you are looking for stylish studios or apartments, homestay, shared flat, or something else; expect us to provide you with a wide variety of accommodation options, ranging from low budget shared flats to high standard luxury apartments.


International House: A Commitment to quality

In 1997, CLIC International House Sevilla, a Spanish Language School in Seville, decided to join the International House World Organization. This worldwide association of independent language schools unites more than 159 schools in over 52 different countries around the globe. Each one has its own unique flavor, but they all share the same aspiration: the very highest standards in language education.

Schools affiliated with International House have a proven dedication to high quality in teaching, facilities, and student care.

All schools are inspected prior to affiliation and if they do not meet our standards of quality, they cannot use the International House brand. This ensures that International House remains a name that both students and teachers can trust.

See the Inspection Report

IALC: The International Association of Language Centres

The Spanish Language School in Seville, CLIC International House Sevilla, is also a member of IALC. Established in 1983, IALC accredits over 140 year-round, and summer centres, teaching 9 languages in 22 different countries.

All language schools are quality checked to make sure they are up to IALC’s criteria. As well as outstanding teaching standards and service, they have their own character and a connection with their local community.

Students and International representatives choose IALC schools for guaranteed professionalism, personal attention and an exceptional learning experience.

Instituto Cervantes

CLIC International House Seville has been accredited by Instituto Cervantes, which means it meets the conditions set by the institute’s Accreditation System for Centres. This is the only international accreditation system exclusively focused on the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.

Also accredited by

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