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Spanish at teacher's home in Seville

Total Spanish immersion by living with your teacher

Spanish at the teacher’s home

This course provides you with 20 private lessons per week while living with your teacher. The programme includes full board, accommodation and all services including airport pick up and drop off by the host teacher. It is perfect for those who want a fully immersive learning experience and to improve their Spanish quickly and efficiently. This also allows your teacher to focus more on your specific objectives, e.g. Spanish for business or to pass an official exam.


20 lessons per week of 50 mins


Flexible schedule

1 – 2 students


Minimum age 12


8 Spanish levels

Spanish at the teacher's home

What our students say

It was a good decision to stay with the teacher. With the private lessons you can learn more effectively. The natural discussions that take place during and after meals etc., help you improve a lot and take you closer to the Spanish culture. Inma is a very good teacher, her husband Manuel a very good cook, and I really enjoyed my stay at their place very much. I had had a wonderful experience, they were very friendly and kind. I’d do it again and I would recommend it to anyone.

Minju Kang


Classes and accommodation at the teachers home are very effective and efficient. They were very hospitable and the lessons were carried out in a very comfortable room, spacious and well equipped: good lighting, whiteboard, audio, large table. Lessons were adapted to meet my needs and the teacher was careful to really help me make the most of my stay. The school has a great cultural programme, including weekend excursions visiting Morocco, Portugal and Granada. A really good experience. The immersion in the “Spanish way of life” is fundamental for language learning!

Michael Porter

United Kingdom

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Dates and Prices 2018

Spanish at the teacher’s home (1 student)

Classes / Week
11225.00 €
22210.00 €
Flexible Timetable

Spanish at the teacher’s home (2 students)

Classes / Week
WksPrice / Student
1955.00 €
21740.00 €
Flexible Timetable
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