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Spanish and demi-Pair

Demi-Pair course in Seville

Spanish and demi-Pair

The Spanish and Demi-Pair course in Seville is a chance for all those students who would like to learn Spanish in Spain and combine their studies with an au-Pair experience. The main difference between an au-pair and a demi-pair is in the amount of work and studying that is expected of you. As a demi-pair, you only work for up to 4 hours per day (20 hours per week). Living with a Spanish family will help you put into practice everything you have learnt in class, and to better integrate into a Spanish-speaking environment. Not to mention that being a demi-pair can be a lot of fun!


20 lessons per week of 50 mins, Schedule 9:15 to 13:00

Accommodation in a single room in a host family

Full board and weekly pocket money included.


Age 18 – 30 years old


Pre-intermediate (A2) and above


No previous experience required

Programme duration: 4, 8 or 12 weeks Spanish course and family placement (minimum 12 weeks)

Company Internships

Demi-Pair Procedure

Step 1


Fill in the application and prepare a presentation letter to your host-family and two reference-letters, a personal one and one regarding childcare experience. Send them all to CLIC.

Step 2

Skype Interview

CLIC will arrange a Skype interview for you with an interested family fitting the profile.

Step 3

After pre-selection

Submit the documentation (download here) and receive the formal confirmation of your course booking and demi-pair placement.

Dates and Prices 2018

Spanish and demi-Pair

Classes / Week
41140.00 €
81820.00 €
122420.00 €
Any Monday
Notes4-12 weeks Spanish course. Family placement (minimum 12 weeks). Full board accommodation and weekly pocket money are included. Expected working time in families is approx. 20 hours per week

Spanish Level Test

Take this short test to get an estimate of your level of Spanish

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