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DELE Exam Courses in Seville

Obtain your Diploma in Spanish

Our DELE Exam Courses in Seville are aimed at achieving success in key official examinations.

DELE Exam dates 2020:

Saturday 16 May (A2, B1, B2, C1); Friday 10 July (A2, B1, B2, C1); Saturday 14 November (A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).

(DELE Exam takes place the day after the end of the course)

Do you know the basics about DELE?

DELE, Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera, was launched by the Cervantes Institute and issued by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture. Currently, DELE is the most recognized official Spanish certificate among education institutions and working environments around the world.
Just as with English official exams, there are various levels: A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2.

What’s the most difficult part?

This is a tricky question since it always depends on each student. Usually, students learning Spanish have more difficulties with listening and reading. As with most languages, these seem to be the components that make students the most nervous.

What does the DELE exam consist of and how long does it last?

Whichever the level you choose, there are 4 mains parts:
1. Reading
2. Writing
3. Listening
4. Speaking
The duration of the exam and of each part varies depending on the level. For example, for B1, each part respectively lasts: 70, 40, 40, and 15 minutes.
The exam is usually taken in one day, although in some cases, depending on the number of candidates, it may be split into 2 days.

A special DELE preparation course in Seville? Is it really necessary?

Like most exams, the DELE requires being familiar with specific content and being able to apply certain strategies. The DELE exam should always be prepared for, not only in terms of regular language studies, but also in terms of working with practice exams. The DELE preparation course in Seville doesn’t focus solely on the theoretical and practical aspects of the Spanish language, it also encompasses a series of techniques that are key to feel confident and at ease on the day of the exam. Through practical exercises, candidates become familiar with the time allotted, the expectations of examiners, etc. The course is held by our regular Spanish teachers and can be added as a complement to your intensive 20 sessions/week standard course.

Preparation for DELE

Certify your Spanish level with the official DELE Exam, issued by the Cervantes institute, which accredits your competence in the language. This course focuses on tips and strategies designed to help you pass the exam.


30 lessons per week, 50 min each , 9:15 to 15:10

Minimum 2 weeks


Minimum age 17


A2 – C1

6 to 10 students per class

Do the DELE exam at CLIC International House Sevilla

CLIC International House Sevilla is an official DELE exam centre which means that you can sign up with us and undertake the A2, B1, B1 escolar, B2, C1 and C2 DELE exam in our very own building. You can register officially by clicking the button below. You don’t have to be a student at CLIC in order to take the DELE exam in our centre.

DELE exam logo

Business Spanish

This course is focused on acquiring and practicing Spanish for business and technical purposes to set you up for success in the work world. At the end of the course you’ll take an exam and be awarded a certificate by the Madrid Chamber of Commerce.


30 lessons per week, 50 min each


9:15 to 15:10

6 to 10 students per class


Minimum age 17

Minimum 1 week


All levels

Spanish Level Test


Take this short test to get an estimate of your level of Spanish


Dates and Prices 2019

Business Spanish

Classes / Week
1102.00 €
2204.00 €
3306.00 €
4408.00 €
Any Monday
NotesExam fee not included - 160€

DELE Preparation

Classes / Week
41183.00 €
NotesOption 1: 1183€, 4 weeks, 30 classes/semaine, 09:15-15:10
Option 2: 408€, 4 weeks, 10 classes/semaine, 13:30-15:10

Exam dates

25/05: levels A2-C1
12/07: levels A2-C1
23/11: levels A2-C2

Exam fee not included (150€ - 210€ approx.)

SIELE Preparation

Classes / Week
1149.00 €
2298.00 €
NotesMonday to Thursday 17.30-19:10. The course starts every Monday from 4 February. SIELE exam fee not included, approx 55€ per module. 155€ complete exam. Exam date: End of each course all year round.

What our students say

Teachers are friendly, enthusiastic, and helpful with everything. An insider tip about what future students should not miss: it is possible to move to another level (to another group) at any time, depending on your progress. The classrooms and the school facilities are very comfortable. If you are seriously motivated and have a decent amount of time, the school can provide you with the appropriate learning circumstances to really improve your Spanish, making it easy to get your Spanish diploma.

Al Esmail


The teachers, the small groups, hanging out on the terrace; I really recommend this school, the course was awesome! The excursion: very informative, good for getting to know the language and the city. Stay at least two weeks. I enjoyed studying and getting to know classmates from various countries. The accommodation was excellent and a maximum of 15 minute walk from the school, which is in a great location in the city centre. It was a valuable experience for me, I learned a lot and I’d recommend it to anyone!

Kunihiro Katsuragi


Cultural Programme

Cultural Programme

Experience Spain like never before. Our wide range of immersive activities will help you get to know Spanish culture in an authentic and unforgettable way.



Let us help you find your home away from home. From private apartments to student residences, we have something for everyone.

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