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Study Spanish at a teacher’s home in Seville

Studying Spanish at a teacher’s home in Seville is a flexible, immersive, and cost-effective option for anyone who wants to learn Spanish in Spain. Whether you’re an adult student who wants an inside look at authentic Spanish family life, or a junior student who’s eager to learn Spanish while maintaining the family structure you’re used to, this course could be exactly what you need.
This course allows you to study Spanish at a teacher’s home in Seville exactly the way that’s right for you. It’s easily adaptable not only to your personal needs but also to whatever specific areas of Spanish you’re looking to work on. Become fully immersed in Spanish language and culture both in the classroom and at home on this excellent course!

Why Seville?

A city that’s rich in history, teeming with culture, and sun-kissed all year round. Seville is the ultimate destination for anyone who wants to experience a true, authentic Spanish lifestyle. Lose yourself in one of hundreds of cobbled alleyways lined with orange trees, boutique shops, and tapas bars. Check out all three world heritage sites: the Real Alcazar, the Cathedral, and the Archive of the Indies. See the incredible places that provided the backdrop for several popular films and series such as Star Wars and Game of Thrones. You will fall in love with Seville like so many others before you and you won’t ever want to leave. That’s a promise!

How is this course structured?

Students coming to learn Spanish at their teacher’s home will first have to take a simple level test before their arrival. However, as the classes are private (with only one or two students), your level test results are only used by your teacher so they can prepare the appropriate materials for you.
Once you arrive at your teacher’s home and meet their family, you’ll set up a class schedule that works for both of you. 20 lessons per week are included in this course, but unlike other courses, Spanish at a teacher’s home gives you the complete flexibility to arrange your class schedule to your needs.
In addition to your scheduled classes, you will be continuously learning Spanish language and culture simply by participating in the day-to-day life of your teacher’s family. You’re also very welcome to join the CLIC cultural activities along with our other students, and during the summer there are fun activities for junior students.

Where do classes take place?

The classes will usually take place at the teacher’s home. However, if the weather is nice (almost guaranteed in Seville!), you have the option of going to a park or a café to change things up a bit.

What will my accommodation be like?

Full board is included in the price of this course. You’ll be staying in either an individual or double (only for students coming together) room in the teacher’s home. The kitchen and other common areas are all free for you to use whenever you want.

Are the class materials included?

Yes. CLIC’s handbook is included in this course and you don’t need to buy anything else. The teacher will select and prepare the materials that are best suited to your needs.

What kind of cultural activities does CLIC organise?

On your first day, the teacher will give you a walking tour of Seville to help you get your bearings. In addition to your 20 weekly Spanish lessons, there are two cultural activities included in this course. What these cultural activities might be depends on the time of year. If you come during Semana Santa (Holy Week) or Feria de Abril (April Fair), the activities will be focused on enjoying these local festivals. For the rest of the year, the activities could be devoted to anything from Spanish cuisine, literature, cinematography and much more. If that’s not enough for you, check out all the other activities organised for our students on our cultural programme, including frequent weekend trips to nearby cities like Cadiz, Ronda, and Granada, or not so nearby cities like Lisbon, Fez, and Tangier.

I´m the parent of a teenager, can I be sure that my child will be looked after during this course?

Absolutely! CLIC staff will pick up the student at the airport and take them directly to the teacher’s home. Full board is included in this course and students under 18 will be supervised by their teacher 24/7. If you’d like to give your child more freedom to explore the city on their own (and Seville is very safe by the way), then you can give written permission to CLIC during the enrolment process. This will allow the student to be unsupervised during the day. During CLIC cultural activities, CLIC students are always supervised by a CLIC member of staff.

I’m an adult, is this course for me?

Yes! If you want to become a member of an authentic Spanish family then you’re completely welcome! Our Spanish at a teacher’s home course will give you the perfect combination of flexibility in terms of your class schedule and content, and the warmth and hospitality of Spanish family life. This is the best option if you want flexibility and full immersion!

All year-round. You can start your course on any Monday.

Spanish at the teacher's home
Students Weeks Price
1 1 1312€
1 2 2365€
1 1+ 1092€

Spanish Level Test

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Course features

  • 20 lessons per week (50 mins each)
  • Class schedule: flexible
  • 1 to 2 students per class
  • All levels available
  • Any age
  • Minimum stay 1 week


What our students say


It was a good decision to stay with the teacher. With the private lessons you can learn more effectively. The natural discussions that take place during and after meals etc., help you improve a lot and take you closer to the Spanish culture. Inma is a very good teacher, her husband Manuel a very good cook, and I really enjoyed my stay at their place very much. I had had a wonderful experience, they were very friendly and kind. I’d do it again and I would recommend it to anyone.

Minju Kang



Classes and accommodation at the teachers home are very effective and efficient. They were very hospitable and the lessons were carried out in a very comfortable room, spacious and well equipped: good lighting, whiteboard, audio, large table. Lessons were adapted to meet my needs and the teacher was careful to really help me make the most of my stay. The school has a great cultural programme, including weekend excursions visiting Morocco, Portugal and Granada. A really good experience. The immersion in the “Spanish way of life” is fundamental for language learning!

Michael Porter

United Kingdom

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