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Intensive Spanish Courses in Seville

Our Most Popular Spanish Language Course

Our intensive Spanish courses in Seville

This is our most popular course for good reason. Everyone has different motivations for wanting to study one of our intensive Spanish courses in Seville. Some want to improve their Spanish as quickly as possible, others want to improve their Spanish while still having lots of time left over to do other things. Whichever category you fall under (or maybe you’re a bit of both), our intensive course can be customised for you. Choose from 20, 25, or 30 lessons a week!
Our intensive Spanish courses in Seville are designed to meet everyone’s unique needs while ensuring that everyone improves their Spanish at a rate that’s satisfactory to them.

Why Seville?

Seville is the ultimate escape. Its city centre is one of the largest and best-preserved historic city centres in the world. When you walk down its cobbled alleyways and across its giant plazas, with horse carriages almost as common as cars and orange trees everywhere you look, it’s easy to forget what time period you’re in. Seville is also the proud owner of three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the Cathedral, the Alcazar Palace and the General Archive of the Indies. You can’t walk anywhere without bumping into something historically significant around here.
And don’t even get me started on the lifestyle. Seville is one of the most laid-back cities in the world: meals can last hours, adult napping is encouraged, and sunshine is pretty much guaranteed on a daily basis. If you’re looking for somewhere with an easy, relaxed lifestyle but with more than enough to keep you busy outside the classroom, then you will be very very happy in Seville.

How many hours should I choose?

That really all depends on you. Typically, people who study with us long-term choose fewer hours and people who just come for a week or two picks more hours. This is by no means a rule though.

How big will my class be?

Each class has about an average of 8 students and the maximum number allowed in a class is 10. We don’t allow classes to be any bigger than that so the teacher is able to offer their full attention to each student.

When do classes take place?

All our classes take place in the morning. How many hours you study will determine when you finish: 20 lessons (9:15-13:00), 25 lessons (9:15-14:20), and 30 lessons (9:15-15:10). We schedule all our classes early in the day so you have plenty of time in the afternoons and evenings to take part in the activities organised by our Cultural Program. This includes everything from guided tours, workshops, language exchanges and much more.

Is this course accredited?

Yes. International House schools offer the option of validating and transferring credits to European and North American universities.

What are ECTS credits?

ECTS stands for European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System, the system used by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) to regulate and guarantee the quality of certified studies. Each ECTS credit corresponds to at least 25 hours of work, including not only hours spent in class but also hours spent studying and completing tasks.

How can I customise my course?

As well as selecting how many hours you wish to study, you can also add our supplementary courses to your afternoons. You can study any of the following:

  • Conversation and Grammar – A great complimentary course for anyone who needs that little extra push with their Spanish speaking and grammar.
  • Private Classes – There’s no course more customisable than this. Completely tailor-made private classes for one or two students.
  • Medical Spanish – An essential course for those working in the medical field who need to learn how to carry out patient interviews in Spanish.
  • Thematic Spanish – Learn Spanish by contextualising it with a fun activity. Choose from photography, theatre, cooking, or Latin dance.

What if I don’t know my Spanish level?

Before you start your classes, we need to make sure you’re at the right level. You’ll be sent a link to an online Spanish test before your course starts. Then, on your first day here at CLIC Seville, you’ll have a friendly interview with one of our Spanish teachers to assess not only your Spanish level but also your goals for studying with us. This will allow us to place you in a class that will challenge you but not overwhelm you.

Important Information

Books are not included in the price of the course. They’re approximately €20 per level.

Intensive 20*
Weeks Price
1 215€
2 430€
3 630€
4 830€
8 1600€
12 2268€
Dates: Any Monday (Beginners: See blue dates in the calendar)
* If only 1 or 2 students enroll for a certain level, the 4 lessons in a day will be adjusted to 2.
Intensive 25
Weeks Price
1 269€
2 538€
3 788€
4 1038€
8 2000€
12 2832€
Dates: Any Monday (Beginners: See blue dates in the calendar)

Super intensive 30**
Weeks Price
1 328€
2 656€
3 961€
4 1266€
8 2440€
12 3456€
Dates: Any Monday (Beginners: See blue dates in the calendar)
** If only 1 or 2 students enroll for a certain level, the lessons from 13:30 – 15:10 will be adjusted to 5 private or semi-private lessons per week.
Intensive 20 + 5
Weeks Price
1 436€
2 872€
3 1292€
4 1712€
5 2132€
Dates: Any Monday (Beginners: See blue dates in the calendar)

Premium Intensive 20 + 10
Weeks Price
1 656€
2 1313€
3 1953€
4 2594€
5 3235€
Dates: Any Monday (Beginners: See blue dates in the calendar)

Don’t know your Spanish level? Take this quick test and find out.

Course features

  • 20, 25, or 30 lessons per week (50 mins each)
  • Class schedule: 9:15 to 13:00 (20 lessons), 09:15 to 14:20 or 15.10 (25 lessons) or 09:15 to 15:10 (30 lessons)
  • 6 to 10 students per class
  • All levels available
  • Minimum age 17
  • Minimum stay 1 week
  • Recognised for University Credits


What our students say


I enjoyed two spectacular weeks in Clic! A team of highly professional teachers who motivate you every day to learn Spanish. Communicative and innovative methodology. A fabulous multicultural environment. Excellent facilities. Personalized attention at all times. I recommend it to everyone!

Alena Mamaeva



Great school, right in the center of Seville with awesome teachers and staff where you can meet fantastic people from all around the world! The city is amazing and definitely worth visiting. I strongly recommend both the courses and the accommodation. Totally 5*****.

Daniel Bettencourt