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Grammar and Conversation Classes in Seville

Flexible and fun classes to get you speaking fluently and accurately.

Grammar and Conversation Spanish course in CLIC Seville

Grammar and conversation in Seville

Perhaps you have been attending an Intensive Course here in Seville and you’ve realised you want to do a little more work on your accuracy and fluency when speaking? Or maybe you find it tough to study grammar alone and need a bit of extra coaching so that you don’t waste time? Look no further! These flexible classes are fun, will deepen your knowledge of grammar and will have you using fantastic vocabulary and great speaking strategies before you know it!

Why take Grammar and Conversation Classes in Seville?

So many reasons! They will build your confidence, you’ll meet new people, explore role-plays, learn speaking strategies, new vocabulary and in the end, your grammar and precision will improve too. Sound good to you?

What is the timetable for these classes?

You buy classes in a bundle of one-week minimum and your classes take place every day from 13.30 to 15.10. (So, they fit perfectly around an intensive course too!)

Do I have any control over the content of the classes?

You sure do! A really great feature of these complimentary classes is that they allow you to make suggestions about the things you would like to study. Maybe a grammar point you are not clear on, or a situation you would like to talk about? Our expert teachers love to help resolve all your doubts so that you leave the classes a better and happier Spanish speaker!

Do I have to buy any extra materials?

No. Your teacher will bring along the materials that you need for each class. If you do want advice about a self-study book, we can offer that too. But you don’t need to buy anything for this course.

Monday to Friday 13.30 to 15.10
Grammar and conversation
Weeks Price
1 102€
2 204€
3 306€
4 408€
Dates: Any Monday (Beginners: See blue dates in the calendar)

NB One week course minimum.

Online Grammar and conversation
Weeks Price
1 99€
2 180€
3 265€
4 345€
Dates: 10/01/2022

Spanish Level Test

Don’t know your Spanish level? Take this quick test and find out.

Course features

  • Duration 100 mins
  • Schedule 13.30 – 15.10
  • Classes every week day
  • Minimum bundle is one week
  • Flexible content
  • Graded by levels


What our students say

“The best language school to learn Spanish. The friendly staff and excellent teachers will make your stay enjoyable. There are all different types of accommodation to meet your needs. The cultural programme has a wide variety of activities to keep you busy and entertained all the time. It’s my third year and I’m already planning for the next one. To sum it up, an ideal place to learn, meet people and have fun!”

Theo de Jongste

Student, The Netherlands

“If it’s International House, it’s good, and if that is in Seville, twice as good. Why? Because the quality of its teachers and methodology. The proposed cultural activities that contribute to the knowledge of cultural aspects complement and complete the purely linguistic learning. The location contributes a lot, because there are many things to do in and near the city. It’s my 5th year coming and I hope there will be many more to come. Thanks CLIC, I miss you already.”

Janet Bell

Student, Australia