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Spanish for Medical Students in Seville

Learn Spanish in the context of medicine

Medical Spanish in CLIC SevilleSpanish for Medical Students in Seville

A supplementary course perfect for anyone who needs or desires to learn Spanish in a medical context. Spanish for medical students in Seville is designed to prepare aspiring doctors and nurses with the vocabulary and practice required to interact with Spanish speakers in need of medical assistance.
If you’re unable to speak Spanish and have to deal with a Spanish speaking patient, then it’s likely you’ll have to use an interpreter. This can be costly, inefficient, and creates a barrier in the doctor-patient relationship. Spanish for medical students in Seville is designed to overcome these limitations and teach the necessary skills for students to be able to carry out a patient interview independently.

Why Seville?

Seville is a paradise for anyone interested in authentic Spanish culture. As the capital of Andalusia, it is literally teaming with everything you would associate with this culturally rich region: flamenco dancing, rich wines, Moorish architecture and much more.
Its city centre is one of the oldest and best-preserved in the world. You can wander for hours through its winding cobbled alleyways and across its sprawling plazas. You’ll get lost all the time and you probably won’t even care, not when there are a thousand tapas bars and sun-soaked rooftop terraces to discover. 300 days of sunshine a year certainly doesn’t hurt either and studying doesn’t seem like such a chore when you can do it outside all year round.
Whether you come here for the culture, the history, or just the great weather, you are guaranteed to be very happy in Seville.

Who is this course for?

This course is a complementary course to be added to our intensive Spanish courses. It’s specifically meant for doctors, nurses, and those training to work in medicine. However, if you have some other reason for wanting to study this course then you’re more than welcome to.

What areas does this course cover?

This course mainly serves to prepare you for a patient interview in the following areas:

  • Patient’s family history and social background.
  • The Spanish healthcare system: a description.
  • The medical history of the patient.
  • Anatomy
  • Pain: asking questions about different types and places of pain.
  • Inflammations and infections.
  • Toxicology: the most common symptoms of toxins, questions to be directed at the patient or a third party, as well as preventative measures.

We also cover the systems of the body and the vocabulary and expressions required to describe and discuss related organs, diseases, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments, as well as instructions for how to carry out a medical examination related to the following systems:

  • Cardiovascular and respiratory
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Urinary
  • Reproductive
  • Endocrine
  • Muscular-skeletal
  • Nervous system
Medical Spanish**
Weeks Price
1 102€
2 204€
3 306€
4 408€
Dates: Any Monday
** If only 1 or 2 students enrol for a certain level, the lessons from 13:30 – 15:10 will be adjusted to 5 private or semi-private lessons per week.

Spanish Level Test

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Course features

  • To be added to Intensive Spanish
  • 10 medical Spanish lessons per week
  • Hours from 13:30 to 15:10
  • 6-10 students in every class
  • Minimum age 17
  • For levels A2-C2