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Spanish for Business in Seville

Learn Spanish in a business-oriented context

Business Spanish Exam Preparation Courses in Seville

Business-oriented Spanish course in Seville

A supplementary course designed for anyone who wants to learn Spanish and get rid of that anxiety when it comes to communicating in a business-oriented context.
Spanish for Business in Seville is not only suitable for those who already use the Spanish language at work, but also for anybody who wishes to become more competitive in the job market. Indeed, Spanish is a necessary language to carry out business internationally, whether your company operates in Spanish or Latin-American markets or even in English-speaking countries, like the US or Canada, where Spanish has already established itself as an essential second language of communication.
We also offer courses specifically aimed at passing the Business Spanish Exam, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid, which will definitely boost your CV. In any case, our business courses are recommended for students from B1 to B2 level.
This course will help you save time and money. As you may already know, hiring an interpreter for your business meetings can result in higher costs and lower efficiency and parts of your message can be lost with translation. You will finally be able to feel confident about your communication skills and build long-term relationships and trust with your client or customer. Don’t let a simple language barrier damage your business!

Why Seville?

Seville is the perfect destination for any kind of trip, whether it’s for business or leisure. Culture, history, great cuisine and 300 days of sunshine a year are just a few of the things this city has to offer.
As the capital of Andalusia, Seville has always hosted international events and fairs throughout its history, given its numerous venues with spaces that can fit big crowds of people. A great example is the Ibero-American Exposition, held in the marvellous Plaza de España in 1929.
It doesn’t really matter what reason draws you to Seville, you are guaranteed to have a pleasant and profitable time here.

Who is this course for?

This course is a complementary course to be added to one of our intensive Spanish courses. It mainly targets people who work in internationally driven environments and it covers many different areas of business such as Finance, Accounting, Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain and Logistics and Project Management.
However, if you have any other reason for choosing this course, you’re more than welcome to join!

What areas does this course cover?

This course provides you with linguistic structures and vocabulary used in the following areas and situations:

  • Business meetings
  • Speeches and presentations
  • Job Interviews
  • Negotiations
  • Conflict management
  • Phone conversations
  • Correspondence (e-mails and letters)
  • Networking and small talk


What type of exam will I take?

The Business Spanish Exam is an exam specifically designed to test your knowledge in Spanish applied to Business and business scenarios. Unlike other language exams where you can find topics out of your area of interest, here everything is related to the world of commerce. The exam is officially approved by the Chamber of Commerce of Madrid and it is valid in Spain as well as the rest of the Spanish-speaking countries.

Is it the same exam for both levels B1 and B2?

No, there are two distinct types of exam for each level. Also, preparation courses have different content.

Online Business Spanish
Weeks Price
1 99€
2 180€
3 265€
4 345€
Dates: Any Monday

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Course features

  • In conjunction with an Intensive Spanish Course
  • 10 Business Spanish lessons per week
  • Hours 13:30 – 15:10
  • 5-8 students in every class
  • Minimum age 17
  • For levels B1 and B2