Spanish Language Schools in Spain located in Seville, Cadiz, and Malaga

Semester at the University of Seville

Semester Program with the University of Seville


If your plan is to go to another country to study at a foreign University, CLIC has something for you to consider! A professional and well respected language academy, we have developed strong relationships with many universities around the world, including the University of our home city, the University of Seville.
A semester program with CLIC and the University of Seville is a combined language and professional study program that will allow you not only to have an unforgettable experience abroad but also gain US credits for your home University!

Why Seville?

Seville is located in the south of Spain and is the capital of the Andalusian region. Vibrant, full of colour, passion, music, great food and nice weather all-year-round it is a safe and fun place to study. Everything you’ve heard about Spain, you’ll find here: strong flamenco traditions, beautiful architecture, orange trees blossoming and a great attitude to life.
Seville is one of the most popular destinations for international students. First of all, the city has three huge public universities and a lot of private colleges, so you’ll get the chance to expand your horizons and continue your training. Secondly, Seville is a welcoming city for international students because of its relatively low cost of living and healthy work/life balance. And last but not least, the open mindset of local people will definitely allow you to integrate easily into the new environment so that you will feel right at home in no time!

How is the course structured?

This semester abroad program is a package that combines a language course with studying at the University. The program starts with a 3-week intensive Spanish course that will help you adapt to the new environment and prepare your language skills for when you start at the University. The classes at CLIC are held from 9:15 to 13:00.
After the first three weeks, you will start attending lectures at University.

Please click on the link to see a full list of all available subjects:

Geography and History’s subjects: See here
Philosophy’s subjetcs: See here

Our offer includes accommodation as well as any kind of assistance required, so you have nothing to worry about while travelling to Spain. A driver will pick you up at the airport and take you to your accommodation. On the first day, classes start at 9:00, however, we recommend you are at school at a quarter to 9. Your other classmates will have the same level as you in Spanish and we will make sure you get to know your classmates on the first day. You’ll also be given an orientation walk around the city, so you get to see the main sights in the centre.
After class, in the afternoon, you have a wide variety of cultural activities to choose from – personally selected and prepared every week by CLIC’s cultural coordinator. Some of them are totally free, others have a figurative cost for the admission ticket. However, three weekly activities are always included in the package.
Six excursions to the most beautiful Andalusian cities are also included in the price, such as Cordoba, Granada, Cadiz, Huelva, Ronda and Jerez. What’s not to love?


How many credits would I get for my course?

Up to 18 US credits for North American and international students. You receive 3 American University credits for each 45 hours of classes at the University of Sevilla plus 3 credits for the Clic course. 

Are the credits automatically transferred to my home university?

If you consider applying for this program, the first thing we recommend doing is talking to your Study abroad advisor at your home University. You receive the official transcript from the University of Seville and a certificate from  CLIC. Should your home University not accept the CLIC tuition directly, you can get transferable credits through Benedictine College

In this case, you’ll need to contact Dr. McConnell before booking any course and she will advise you which classes to take.

Modern Foreign & Classical Languages
St. Benedict Hall, 309

Benedict College charges a handling fee of approximately 150 $ per credit hour.
Below is a chart of the TRANSFERABLE credits offered by Benedictine College.

Credits Course
Intensive 20 Credits
3 weeks 4
5 weeks 6
6 weeks 8
7 weeks 9
9 weeks 12
14 weeks 16
16 weeks 18

Up to 18 US credits for North American and internacional students.

Duration: 17 weeks (Possibility of a 6-week internship at semester’s end)

Dates: 13th January to 8th May 2020


3 weeks Spanish Intensive course

20 lessons per week from Monday to Friday (9.15am to 1pm)

Tuition for 4 to 5 content courses at the University of Seville

From a choice of 30 courses in Spanish or English, including Literature, Cinema, Aesthetics, Flamenco arts, etc. Each course consists of 45 contact hours corresponding to 3 credits.

Extensive Spanish course

12 weeks, 24 sessions

Weekly tutorials

15 individual sessions of 30 minutes


Full cultural programme + 4 full day excursions

On Saturdays (eg to Ronda, Cádiz, Aracena, Córdoba…)


Spanish family homestay

Individual room, half board (breakfast and one meal per day)

Shared flat with Spaniards

Individual room, self-catering


  • Health insurance
  • Course booking and credit transfer fees
  • Material for Spanish course
  • Airport pick-up and transfer to accommodation on arrival


All concepts included with accommodation in a family homestay – 7912€

All concepts included with accommodation in a shared flat – 6862€


Spanish Level Test

Want to know your Spanish level? Take this quick test and find out.

Course features

  • 3 weeks of Intensive Spanish Course in CLIC (20 lessons per week of 50 min each)
  • 12 weeks of studying at the University of Seville (5 subjects of 4 hours each)
  • 2 weekly activities and 4 guided excursions
  • Accommodation in Spanish host families
  • Airport transfer and health insurance included
  • Minimum age: 17
  • Spring Semester: 31/01/2020 – 08/05/2020

Package prices

(course + activities + homestay halfboard + individual room + insurance + transfer)


All included

Shared flat, self-catering

1st Semester 7540€ 6490€
2nd Semester 8140€ 6880€

Shared flat accommodation is an Individual room with no meals included.
Please consult special conditions for Study Abroad Departments and University groups.