Spanish Language Schools in Spain located in Seville, Cadiz, and Malaga

CLIC Direct and Faculty-led Programs

Earn college credits on our courses or study your own in our facilities

Levels A1-C2
Minimum age 17
Minimum stay 2 weeks

CLIC Direct Program

Our Direct Program lets you take all of your classes at CLIC, which are possible to transfer directly as credits to your home college! You can choose from our wide variety of Spanish language courses and content courses in Hispanic studies. Basically, this course gives you the flexibility to choose exactly what you want to study and then it’s up to you to make sure your home college makes your credits official (but we can help you sort that out).

CLIC Faculty-led Program

The Faculty-led program is different in that it’s designed for groups rather than individuals. A faculty member accompanies a group of students from their college in order to do an already agreed upon the program at CLIC tailored to the group’s needs for a period of at least two weeks. The program includes language and/or content classes at CLIC Seville and may also include classes taught at our school by the accompanying faculty member, for which CLIC provides classroom space and logistical support.

Semester abroad in Seville

Dates and prices

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About the Spanish course


Who is eligible for this course?

Direct program:

Any student 18+

Faculty-led program:

students either having started their program or having had prior approval and enrollment at their university.

How long is the course?

Direct Programs:

You can enrol in any course that you want for a period of 2 weeks minimum. If you need academic credit you need to consult with your home institution to see if and how our classes will be transferred to your home credits. In general, our intensive course is 20 hours/week and three weeks on this course usually amounts to 3 or 4 academic credits.

Faculty-led Programs:

Can be arranged from a minimum of 2 weeks where language classes are given between 10-30 hours per week.

When does this course run?

These programs run all year round but you need to apply at least 8 weeks before the day you want to start.

What accommodation options are available?

Option 1:

Spanish family homestay: half-board (breakfast and one additional meal per day).

Option 2:

Shared Flat: Individual room, self-catering.

What courses are available at CLIC Seville?

General Spanish Intensive course

The objective of this course is to enable the student to interact and express him or herself in basic Spanish terms in different everyday situations, as well as writing texts describing experiences and impressions. Spanish Civilization course The students acquire basic knowledge about the different aspects of contemporary Spain while continuously practicing and improving their Spanish.

Spanish Literature and Cinema

The students acquire a good command of Spanish literature through the reading of passages from books of well-known Spanish authors and by watching their film adaptations.

Arabic Heritage and Legacy in Spain

The students will discover and learn to identify as well as understand the Arabic heritage and legacy in architecture, lifestyle, cuisine, culture, and popular traditions in Spain.

Spanish for Medical Students

This Spanish for Special Purposes course is directed towards students working in or planning to work in, health-related fields or other career paths related to health services. It covers basic anatomical vocabulary and elementary dialogue for treating Spanish speaking patients. It also deals with notions of health care and the Spanish health care system.

How does CLIC Seville help the faculty-led program?

We’ve collaborated with a lot of different universities over the years to arrange academic programs specifically fitted to their needs. As well as our own courses and classroom space for any of your own classes you want to teach while you’re here, we also provide logistical support, such as:

  • Cell phones to use in Spain.
  • Housing for faculty members.
  • Specialized programs to fit group purposes, such as excursions in coordination with academic materials, etc.
David Riddell
David Riddell
The best language school in Sevilla.
Sheila Mitchell
Sheila Mitchell
Wonderful location. Lovely flat. Fantastic terrace
agnes winter
agnes winter
Zowel op locatie als online lessen gevolgd. Prima prijs kwaliteit verhouding. Fijne docenten en goede lessen. Veel geleerd. Ik kom zeker weer terug.
Julian Richardson
Julian Richardson
CLIC Sevilla is a wonderful language school. The staff are very friendly and helpful. This summer was the second time I took Spanish classes there. Both times were very enjoyable and productive. As a bonus, they have a very nice building.
Aurore Portejoie
Aurore Portejoie
Super école ! Expérience enrichissante ! Je recommande à tous ceux qui veulent allier l'apprentissage de l'espagnol et la découverte de la culture associée !
Miriam Rodriguez
Miriam Rodriguez
Super Lernambiete. Sehr gutes, alltagsbezogenes Lernkonzept. Reden, reden, reden unter super Anleitung steht hier im Vordergrund. Nette und kompetente Lehrer. Prima Rahmenprogramm und ergänzende Freizeitaktivitäten. Ich bin sehr zufrieden und habe für den Herbst eine weitere Woche gebucht.

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