Spanish Language Schools in Spain located in Seville, Cadiz, and Malaga

Benedictine College Program in Seville

Study with Clic IH Seville and Benedictine College (Atchinson, Kansas) and transfer your credits to your home university

Structure 7 weeks of Intensive Spanish Course in CLIC
20 lessons per week of 50 min each + 2 specialization modules in Literature & Cinema and Spanish Civilization & Culture
5 week internship (Sectors include publicity and marketing, event planning, museum management, primary education, translating, tourism, export/import services and physical therapy)
Minimum age 17
Others 2 full or half-day excursions + 1 cultural activity per week
Housing: CLIC Student Residence (self-catering) or Family Stay (2 meals a day)
Weekly language tutorials
Course materials / Textbook

If you choose the CLIC International House Sevilla – Benedictine College Program, CLIC IH language and content courses in Hispanic Studies are transferable for academic credit through our partner institution in the United States, Benedictine College (Atchinson, Kansas).
As a student, you can enrol for either short-term or long-term programs, earning between 3-18 credit hours for courses successfully completed.

This program aims to promote linguistic and intercultural competence, with the addition of a unique 5-week internship component as an established part of the Benedictine College semester program. (Of course, if you love the sound of this but want or need a shorter course, just check out the options here.)

Finally, our program allows you to receive a transcript for CLIC International House Sevilla courses directly from a regionally accredited institution in the United States, as all courses transfer to Benedictine College as their own.

Benedictine College Program in Seville

Dates and prices

Please, ask for our Benedictine program prices here.

About the Spanish course


How is the course structured?

Choose this course and you’ll receive 180 contact hours of Spanish and a special module in Spanish for Business, plus a 5-week Internship/Volunteer work period in a local organisation – all of which receive academic credit from Benedictine College. Ideal!
It is an interdisciplinary program, where we aim to promote the study of language, culture, Spanish society and the political entities that affect it. Other objectives include:

– Honing and developing your Spanish language skills
– Enhancing awareness and knowledge of Spanish society
– Improving and increasing your capacity to integrate in a cross-cultural environment
– Offering you the possibility to specialise in related areas of Iberian studies (eg Arabic Heritage in Spain etc)
– Reinforcing language skills and intercultural competence through participation in an internship in a Spanish company or volunteer work.

Where will I stay?

Don’t worry, we have two great options for you!


We offer fantastic Homestays with carefully vetted Spanish families who live no more than 20 minutes walking distance from CLIC International House Seville. As part of a family, you’ll get to sample great food because your breakfast and lunch are included. And at the end of the day you will be able to relax in your own space with a private room!

Clic Student Residence:

A fun option that combines plenty of autonomy and independence with the opportunity to meet other like-minded international students. Here you will have access to a bright and well-appointed kitchen too, where you can make your own meals in Self Catering facilities. Find out more

Will I have any extra activities outside class?

You sure will! As part of this program, you have access to 2 full or half-day excursions per week and one cultural activity from our award-winning programme.

So, you’ll be getting out and about, using your Spanish and seeing cities such as Cordoba, Ronda and Cadiz or visiting monuments like the beautiful Giralda in the Cathedral of Seville or our picturesque Jewish Quarter. Not to mention the sporting events and other fun activities put on to help you learn and enjoy as you study here in Seville.

Where will I do my Internship/Voluntary work?

Firstly, we will get to know your interests and career goals and then try to place you in a company that suits your objectives. Throughout the whole time, you’ll be offered support and coaching form our Internship Coordinator who’ll help you with your resume and accompany you to interviews.
Although our internships are unpaid, you will have plenty of scopes to develop here as the sectors we work with include Publicity, Marketing, Event Planning, Museum Management, Primary Education, Translating, Tourism, Export/Import Services and Physical Therapy. Your placement will last for 5 weeks and you’ll be given regular feedback throughout to monitor your progress and ensure you get the most from your experience. Then, in the end, you’ll receive a letter of recommendation when you successfully complete the internship.

The internship structure is the following, which begins about a month after the program start date:

  • Attend a CV coaching session for writing CVs in Spanish
  • Send Coordinator a current CV and cover letter (Spanish or English)
  • Meet Coordinator and go over CV and areas of interest to begin placement search
  • Go to the first meeting with Coordinator to site placement
  • Start your internship
  • Receive and give placement site feedback

The internship might be accredited at your home institution for experiential education, and we will provide any necessary materials or additional structure (progress reports, etc) if needed for this case.

How do I know if I am eligible for this program?

If you want to take part in this program there are a few things we’ll need to know! Firstly, you’ll have to be in good standing with your home university. Plus you’ll need to meet Benedictine College’s requirements for study abroad. So, before you enrol, you will need to be officially accepted into the program by Benedictine College. And last but not least, in order for credits to be transferred from Benedictine College to your home University, you will need to have successfully passed your courses and paid any remaining fees.

For more information, students may also contact Dr Daphne McConnell, Associate Professor and Chair of Foreign Languages of Benedictine College, at:
Modern Foreign & Classical Languages
St. Benedict Hall, 309

How do I transfer credits?

When you enrol in the Benedictine College program, you have 2 enrollment points: one with CLIC International House Seville and another with the Benedictine College directly.


The semester program is comprised of 4 Spanish Language courses (12 credit hours) and two content courses (6 credit hours). Students are also encouraged to get prior approval for the courses they may take in the program, for which CLIC will provide any necessary materials in advance.
Students enrolled in these programs who successfully complete them receive a transcript of courses completed directly from Benedictine College.
This transcript can then be issued to the student’s home university. Benedictine College is regionally accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools as a degree-granting institution.
For more information, students may contact a CLIC coordinator or at Benedictine Colleg, Dr Daphne McConnell:
Modern Foreign & Classical Languages
St. Benedict Hall, 309


Every 45 hours of a class correspond to 3 US University credits. However, we strongly recommend that you check with your home university before travelling, to ensure that they will validate your credits and to check which courses you have to complete in order to gain the number of credits you want. Usually, your Study Abroad Director will have this information.
If your home university recognizes Clic courses for credits, our Directors of Studies will send progress reports to your home university now and again throughout your course. Then, at the end of the course, they will also send a transcript document.
If your university does not want to go through the approval process, you can receive transferable credits through Benedictine College ( In this case, you’ll need to contact. Dr McConnell before booking any course and she will advise you which classes to take.
Modern Foreign & Classical Languages
St. Benedict Hall, 309

Benedict College charges a handling fee of approximately 150 $ per credit hour.
Below is a chart of the TRANSFERABLE credits offered by Benedictine College.

  • 3 weeks: 4 credits
  • 5 weeks: 6 credits
  • 6 weeks: 8 credits
  • 7 weeks: 9 credits
  • 9 weeks: 12 credits
  • 14 weeks: 16 credits
  • 16 weeks: 18 credits

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