Spanish Language Schools in Spain located in Seville, Cadiz, and Malaga

Combine Spanish Courses in Spain

Now you can combine your Spanish course at Clic International House Sevilla with courses at other IH Spain schools. Spain varies a lot from region to region, so why not experience the north, the south, the coast, and the big cities – all while studying at the same time? There are many different combinations so feel free to be creative.

Combine Spanish Courses in Spain

Do you want to study in Spain and benefit from being able to explore several cities? Perfect – try our combined courses where you can select between eight International House language centers across Spain, all of which have the same high standards in terms of teaching methodology and service quality.

In each city you’ll find that the International House school offers accommodation options to suit your budget, from homestay or student residences to shared flats and private apartments. And, importantly, we’ll help you get out and about to use your Spanish through our fun and diverse social and cultural programs, including evening events, day trips, weekend excursions and much more.

Feel free to create the combination of cities that suits you best and fully experience Spain’s culture and diversity!

Combine Spanish Courses in Spain

About the Spanish course



IH Barcelona is situated right in the city center – it’s less than 5 minutes walking distance from Plaza Catalunya, central square and heart of the city. The school building has six floors and a distinctive triangular shape, giving it a New York vibe. Taught by expert natives in one of our 40 classrooms, you can also enjoy our excellent bar and terrace and free WiFi throughout. Why Barcelona? The art, the architecture, the football, the beaches, the food, the music, the nightlife? The list goes on!


IH Cadiz boasts brand new 300-square-meter facilities, located at the top of the city in Bahia Blanca – just a few metres away from the ocean. And that’s not all. Our teachers are enthusiastic expert natives, who will enjoy putting your through your paces in class and also helping you get to know the area.

Check out the beaches that are not even a stone’s throw away from our school, for example Santa María del Mar, La Caleta or the Atlantic dunes of Cortadura, and you’ll see why the historic city of Cadiz is an ideal destination. Add to that the food, nightlife, the music, the culture and the sense of humour of the locals, and you’ll see why so many students love to learn with us in this safe city.


IH Madrid is situated in the center of Madrid, near Plaza de Colon, in a dynamic and stylish district. It occupies two buildings, each a 5 minute walk from the other, with 33 fully equipped classrooms, dedicated to helping you learn Spanish.

But why choose Madrid? Well, as the capital city, Madrid has a lot to offer to its international visitors from music, art and history to a really vibrant nightlife. The perfect cosmopolitan mix!


IH Malaga is based in the city center, right next to the luxury-shopping street Calle Marqués de Larios, considered as one of the most fashionable and expensive streets in Spain. The teachers are dedicated professionals who enjoy getting the most from their students.

But that’s not all. Malaga has many more reasons to attract international visitors. For example, a fantastic Mediterranean climate, a buzzing art scene (it was the birthplace of Picasso after all), a beautiful traditional old town and – of course – breathtaking beaches that are the perfect spot to spend some well-deserved free time after a long day of classes.


IH Palma is housed in a luminous, modern, spacious building of three floors in the center of Palma de Mallorca, just off the prestigious Passeig Mallorca avenue and only a 10-minute walk away from the old town, where most of the main tourist attractions are. The district the school is located in is partially residential and partially commercial, with many bars and restaurants all over the area. Ideal for a little break from studying!

And Palma is the perfect trade-off between island life and city life, offering its visitors a beautiful sun-kissed coastline, an extraordinary Gothic Quarter and a very animated nightlife.

San Sebastian

IH San Sebastian is located in a recently refurbished building, within a 5-minute walk from the city center. The school offers an extensive catalogue of products to meet your needs – even creating personalized learning programmes of different intensities and formats for each student as required.

San Sebastian has a lot to offer too. If you love cities and eating out, you can lap up the atmosphere and enjoy dining in one of the 9 Michelin starred restaurants in the area. Or if you’re into nature, there’s mountains for those who love hiking and beaches for surfers or anybody who fancies a bit of sunbathing and chilling after class.


Founded in 1983, IH Seville is one of the most innovative and respected language centers in Spain and Europe, thanks to its high standards in terms of teaching, its modern school facilities, services to students, teachers’ qualifications and much more. It’s no coincidence that each year more than 2000 people from 30 different countries choose Clic to learn Spanish.

Just a few minutes walk from the cathedral and the royal palaces, the school building is in a typical Sevillian style and boasts a large rooftop terrace and a beautiful central patio with a cafeteria, making it a special place for students to study and hang out.

Named best city to visit by Lonely Planet in 2018, Seville is the Andalusian city that most maintains its traditions. It suits any type of traveller, whether you want culture and architecture, food and flamenco or simply to soak in a safe and historic city. Seville is the perfect backdrop for your learning experience.


IH Valencia is situated in the historic Palacio de Los Fernández de Córdova, a Gothic palace located in the heart of the old town of Valencia. The school is divided into two buildings which are surrounded by shops, historical sites, and a lively Spanish city vibe. IH Valencia has modern facilities and offers a wide range of courses given by highly-skilled teachers, including cultural activities organized every week.

And there is plenty to do here. Not only did Valencia invent the internationally-known dish ‘Paella’, but it was also named world’s food capital in 2017 by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). It has an architectural reputation the world over, comprising of both new works by Calatrava but also older buildings like the Lonja de Seda (the Silk Exchange) a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And so much more for you to discover. Find out more.


Are the prices different in each school?
No, all the IH Spain language centres have the same course prices. The only difference regards accommodation, as each school offers its students various types of accommodation with corresponding prices.

Do I have to personally enrol in every school I’m interested in?
No, the first school you enrol in will take care of organizing your entire experience of the Combined Spanish Courses in Spain and give you all the necessary information.

Do I have to buy a new book at each school? How does the second or third school know what my level is?
No, all IH Spain schools use the same student book. Your teachers will be in contact to share information about your language level, progress and the units you have studied in class.

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