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Intensive Spanish Teacher Training Course: Intensive course (methodology + practice) of Training of Spanish Teachers in Seville

Learn all the skills that any good teacher should know with our Intensive Spanish Teacher Training Course in Seville

Format Face to face and online
Total hours 200 hours
Schedule 09.30-13.00h (from Monday to Friday, 4 weeks)
09.30-14.00h (from Monday to Friday, practices week)
Students/class Until 18 students/ 1 student(practices)
Others Teaching practices with foreign students
Recognized by the University of Barcelona (if the student has a university degree)

Initial training course as a foreign language

Learn to plan and manage your own Spanish class! Proper training will make you a great teacher. In this course you will learn the essential methodologies for teaching and you will be able to put into practice everything you have learned thanks to our foreign students, who attend voluntarily to continue with their Spanish training, and who will help you in your training process in this intensive course in Seville.

With us you will learn by practicing. We understand that, in order to be a great teacher, it is not only necessary to sit in front of a book, it is essential to develop and face the classroom and the students. Therefore, our intensive is an incredible opportunity for you. You will learn a great variety of exercises, approaches and theories from our teachers so that you can put them into practice later. We believe in feedback, so you will have the best professionals and colleagues who will make this process a great vital experience for you.

Intensive course (methodology + practice) of Training of Spanish Teachers in Seville

Dates and prices

Intensive course: methodology (830€) + practice (520€)
Start date End date Availability City
05/02/2024 01/03/2024 Available Seville / Online
06/05/2024 31/05/2024 Available Seville / Online
01/07/2024 26/07/2024 Available Seville / Online
02/09/2024 27/09/2024 Available Seville / Online
04/11/2024 29/11/2024 Available Seville / Online
After the methodology course, agree with the tutors the internship week.

Here you can create the content that will be used within the module.

Why choose this course for ELE teachers at CLIC Sevilla?


Course content

  • Teacher’s portfolio.
  • Study and reflection on the objectives and approaches of teaching a foreign language.
  • The role of the teacher in the classroom.
  • Basic problems of Spanish grammar.
  • Group dynamics.
  • How to introduce a new language.
  • Communication techniques and activities to learn new ones languages…
  • Linguistic skills.
  • Use of audiovisual material.
  • Planning of classes.
  • Practical activities on oral language.
  • Analysis of current textbooks in the publishing market.
  • How to integrate pronunciation in the classroom.
  • Evaluation and correction of errors.
  • Teach Spanish for specific purposes.

Course organization

After completing the methodology course, the student can request 1 week of practice within a maximum period of 1 year after completing the methodology course.

The practice week follows the following structure:

Monday: Class observation, group knowledge and tutoring.
Tuesday – Friday: the participant will intervene more and more in the class supervised by the trainer.

Each day there will be a tutorial to analyze the work done and to assign new tasks.

Course recognition

In addition to being recognized by International House, this course is recognized and accredited by the prestigious University of Barcelona through the IL3 Continuous Training Institute. At the end of it you will receive 8 official ECTS credits. To do this, it will be necessary to be a Diplomate, graduate, graduate or be in the last year of the degree.

What are ECTS credits?

ECTS means European System of Transfer and Accumulation of Credits, is the system used by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and is in charge of regulating and guaranteeing the quality of certified studies …

Each ECTS credit corresponds to at least 25 hours of work, including not only the hours of dedication in the classroom but also those dedicated to studying and preparing homework.


At the end of the course you will receive an International House certificate, as long as 100% of the theoretical and practical classes have been completed. You will also have a detailed and personalized report on the evolution that you have had during its development.

Teacher portfolio

The teacher’s portfolio is the result of everything learned and developed in your teacher course with us. You must submit it at the end of your course and it will be used to determine the final grade and progress report. This qualification is essential if you want to qualify for the 6 official ECTS credits.

Rich & Joy Sayer
Rich & Joy Sayer
Amazing school with great staff. Made learning Spanish fun and not a chore. The cultural programs were amazing as well. Getting to see parts of the city which I would not have normally done on my own was worth it. This school is a must for anyone wanting to grow in their Spanish, at whatever level.
Eva-Maria Ehlers
Eva-Maria Ehlers
Leider konnte ich nur 1 Woche diese super Sprachschule besuchen. Alles top organisiert, super Lage, mit Imma hatte ich die beste Profesora überhaupt. Auch mit 60 fühlte ich mich gut aufgehoben. Kann die Schule nur empfehlen.
arnaud bentz
arnaud bentz
Super école très efficace et sympathique, très bien organisée et placée en centre ville. Braf, on reviendra pour la suite.
Vincent Rost
Vincent Rost
Vor elf Jahren habe ich hier Spanisch gelernt. Ich habe fünf Wochen lang in einer Gastfamilie gewohnt und den Unterricht besucht. Diese Zeit war super und prägt mich bis heute. Dieses Jahr bin ich nochmal hergekommen, dieses Mal nur für eine Woche. Alles war super und auch die eine Woche hat mir sehr geholfen. Die Klasse am Nachmittag (Fokus auf Konversation) war etwas zu groß für mich, aber ich konnte problemlos auf Einzelstunden upgraden und habe lediglich die Differenz bezahlt. Vormittags in der Klasse und nachmittags Einzelunterricht kann ich sehr empfehlen, hat mir echt etwas gebracht, obwohl es nur eine Woche war.
I followed the 50+ program and as expected was in the A1 group. This is really a serious language learning program and beginners will find themselves completely immersed in the language which can sometimes be frustrating. But if you stick it out it really helps to push you to learn the language. My classmates were really great as was the teacher who was always willing to answer any question. And the cultural program was exceptionally good.
Martin Craig
Martin Craig
Over 50’s cultural course excellent so went back and did it again - also excellent! Stayed in school accommodation both times, excellent too!
Josef zeimentz
Josef zeimentz
Die wei Wochen Sprachunterricht mit Kulturprogramm waren sehr intensiv, aber auch sehr erfolgreich für mich. Ich habe mich rundum wohlgefühlt und werde, wenn möglich, wieder kommen.
maxime saldarelli
maxime saldarelli
I joined CLIC in September 2023 to take three weeks of Spanish classes. My level of Spanish was A2/B1 and my class was made of 9 persons. I was very lucky to have Alberto as main teacher. Alberto is a very competent, friendly and easy going person. His classes were very effective and I also had a lot of fun during each of them. Alberto was not only teaching grammar, but the Spanish and Andaluz cultures as well. I strongly recommend CLIC.
Buen centro de idiomas

Why choose this course for ELE teachers at CLIC IH Seville / Intensive Spanish Teacher Training Course?

We leave you a second to think about it … Right? Is there a better place to learn a language? We sincerely believe that no, in addition, we have the testimonies of all foreign students, from any part of the world, who visit us every year to study Spanish. So we can promise you two things:

1) You are going to study in one of the most important Spanish schools in the world. We don’t just think about it, it’s true. Here at CLIC Sevilla we are going to treat you as you, you are going to be one more professional of our great teaching team.

2) We have a lot of students. We consider that it is essential to learn and put into practice what has been learned. You can study by yourself, we do not doubt it, but if you cannot practice and teach, it is useless. Take advantage of the opportunity we offer you and move forward with us in your future.

We firmly believe that CLIC Sevilla is the best place to take your Spanish teacher course. If we have not convinced you yet, we invite you to meet us and discover it for yourself. So many students can’t be wrong!