Spanish Language Schools in Spain located in Seville, Cadiz, and Malaga

Portuguese course face-to-face

Would you like to learn Portuguese? Portuguese is a useful and very affordable language for Spanish speakers. Besides being the language of our neighbors, it is also the official language of the largest economy in South America, Brazil, and has no more and no less than 200 million inhabitants. With this Portuguese course in Seville you will master the keys to the language. Learn Portuguese online or face-to-face!

Learn Portuguese face-to-face

Portuguese is a very affordable option for someone who knows Spanish to learn a third language. The neighboring country to Spain shares its language with several countries in Africa and one of the emerging world powers, Brazil, where Portuguese is the official language. Come and find out at our school and learn Portuguese in Seville.

65 hours

9 months

2 hours a week class

Enrollment: 35€

Is it useful to know some Portuguese?

Of course! Speaking a third language other than English is always a good idea. Portuguese is not a difficult language to learn for a Spaniard. After all, the Portuguese tend to speak Spanish quite well. Learning Portuguese is a good way to interact with another country that is a member of the union and with which we maintain strong cultural and economic ties of the first order.

Who teaches Portuguese at CLIC?

Our Portuguese teacher is María Aparecida, she is Portuguese and has lived for several years in Brazil. She has extensive experience as a teacher at CLIC, where she has trained many courses for new Portuguese students.

Do you want to take a test Portuguese class?

We encourage you to come to some of the free Portuguese classes that we organize at the school. You do not commit to anything and, in case they do not convince you, at least you will have a great time with our teacher María. If you are interested, you just have to fill out a form and we will propose a few days and times for you to attend.

Check the Spanish version of the website to see the dates and prices

I loved the course, not only because of the teacher’s way of teaching, but also because of her patience and good humor when teaching.

Raquel Gómez, Student

Doubts? Questions? Go ahead, that’s what we’re here for!

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