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Intensive (Summer course)

2, 3, 4 weeks or more to learn, level up or just to chat in German because you like it.

10% discount for early registration (Only until May 15)

German courses in summer for adults

Is German a language that always attracted you? Do you already know something but would like to quickly level up?

You can take the months of July, August or September to do an intensive German course of 15 or 20 hours per week in a small group.

Can not you commit because you still do not know if attending the whole course and 4 weeks seems like a lot of beating?

Nothing happens! With this intensive course you only have to commit the first 2 weeks. What if later you want to continue? Well you renew it weekly, on the spot or at another time of summer.

Would you like to know what level of German you have now?

Whatever your level, there will certainly be a place for you in some of the 5 levels we offer: from A1 to C1. Leave doubts and sign up for a level test! Total, it will not cost you anything and it does not commit you!

Do you already have a good level of German and only want to maintain or improve your understanding and your oral expression?

Well, the conversation bonus is what you may be interested in. A bonus of 10 mini group classes where you can practice your oral German. You can enjoy this bonus on the days that best suit your availability and you can consume it or renew it whenever you feel like it.

INTENSIVE (15h / week) LV 9: 30-12.15
L-J 16.30-20.30
INTENSIVE PLUS (20h / week) LV 9: 30-12.15
L-J 16.30-20.30
+ 5h conversation / week
CONVERSATION BONUS (10h) LV 13: 00-14.00
L-J 18.30-19.30
PARTICULAR CLASSES (Classes of 60min) Flexible
INTENSIVE (15h / week) I start every Monday (From June 24 to September 27)
INTENSIVE PLUS (20h / week) I start every Monday (From June 24 to September 27)
CONVERSATION BONUS (10h) Flexible, valid one month to choose (July, August or September)
PARTICULAR CLASSES (Classes of 60min) Flexible
INTENSIVE (15h / week) 2 initial weeks: € 230
Extra weeks: € 110
From A1 to C2
INTENSIVE PLUS (20h / week) 2 initial weeks: € 299
Extra weeks: € 140
From A2 to C2
CONVERSATION BONUS (10h) 10 hours: € 125 From A2 to C2
PARTICULAR CLASSES (Classes of 60min) One class: € 35.50
Bonus 20 classes: € 599
From A1 to C2

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