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German course for children and teenagers in Seville

Would you like your children to study German? It would be a great option if you are thinking that they should study a third language. Learning German is undoubtedly a good investment to ensure a higher degree of competitiveness for your future. Finding young professionals who are fluent in German is not so common, so they are highly valued both inside and outside of Germany. And all this without forgetting that Germany is a country that plans to incorporate young people of other nationalities due to lack of specialized labor. If your child decides to learn German, they will have an advantage over other languages.

German for children in Seville, an option for the future

German is already being studied in many schools. Learning this language can be very laborious in the early stages, particularly in the grammar part. This is why it is sometimes necessary for many children to receive extra help to learn German. One of the keys to getting them to learn this language is, without a doubt, to have fun while they study. For this, there are training materials and great methods, which help the little ones to learn naturally and without having to work too hard. You will find them in the CLIC IH German course for children.

51 hours in 9 months

Groups of 5 to 10 children

Class of 1 hour and a half a week

And what conditions must a good German course for children fulfill?

The same as a course in another language for children. Classes will be taught by bilingual teachers so that children get used to speaking naturally from the beginning. Do you need something else? Yes, the teachers have experience with children and also have the necessary so that children learn the language while having fun and in a spontaneous and natural way.

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A very good and modern school with excellent facilities and teachers. This was the step my son needed to learn German. Thanks CLIC!

Cristina Castro, Nurse

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