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German courses in Seville

Learn German with CLIC IH

Learn one of the most important languages ​​of the European Union with our German courses in Seville. Our classes are adapted for different levels and ages, so you can study from the most basic level to perfect your use of the language. Get a clear advantage for your professional future or that of your children.

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German courses in Seville

German for adults

Do you think German is difficult? Learn with our teachers the keys to get hold of this language.

German classes for children (4-10 years)

Like many other languages, German also has its tricks and methods to learn in a fun way.

More and more people have found in the German language a real working springboard. German is not only one of the most important languages ​​in Europe, it also has a great weight at the business and work level. Not to mention that Germany is a country with a strong demand for qualified professionals, therefore a great opportunity to achieve professional prosperity if you have the right tools.

Although German may seem like a complicated language, our center has many years of experience training children, young people and adults in this language. Our team of teachers has the latest technological tools to teach classes, as well as an updated and adapted syllabus for all kinds of levels.