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French course for teenagers in Seville (13 to 17 years old)

Do you want your children to speak French? Do you need to upload your grades at school? French has already established itself in Spanish schools as a second language. Likewise, teachers are also beginning to require knowledge of French. In addition to its presence in the educational system, learning French is not a bad option: The increase in the use of French is a fact, particularly in Africa, where the demographic and economic explosion is causing French to become one of the languages most talked about in the world. Estimates suggest that by 2050 there will be about 847 million Francophones. With our junior French course in Seville, your children can be prepared for a predictable demand for French in many professions ranging from engineering to doctors.

French for young teenagers in Seville, increasingly present

The offer and the quality of French courses in the educational system are still modest compared to English. More and more young people are studying French as a third language in their school program. Our French course is suitable for not overloading students with extracurricular activities, since there are only 2 sessions of 1h15 a week.

51 hours in 9 months

Groups of 5 to 10

Hour and a half a week

Am I making a good investment teaching French to my children?

With the growth projection of all the people who will speak French mentioned above, learning French will undoubtedly become a good advantage. Companies from all over the world, from the most diverse sectors, will invest billions in countries in Africa, which is undergoing a great economic explosion. Would you like your children to be prepared for when all those companies look for professionals?

And what guarantees should a French course for young teenagers give you?

Basically the same as a quality English course. The teacher that the young people have must be French-speaking, of course, and must communicate with them from the beginning in correct French. Do you need something else? Well, that you have extensive experience in educating young people, that you have adequate materials so that young people learn in a natural and enjoyable way, without the classes being an overload.

What are your children doing in a French class?

Very easy! speak, make teams, create real situations and all kinds of group dynamics, similar to those in other educational settings, with the difference that they will be carried out in French. By carrying out all these activities with a teacher who masters the language perfectly, the classes will seek at all times the motivation of the adolescents so that they grow their desire to learn while they are active.

Who gives the French class to young people?

At CLIC, French teachers are bilingual in French and Spanish. They also have a minimum of 3 years of experience in teaching French to both adults and young people. For their classes they use a mixture of reading books, ad hoc activities and the combination of various teaching methods such as creating their own material for each class. All of our teachers have the specific training required by International House. As if that were not enough, the heads of study of the school regularly analyze the French classes and teachers to ensure the quality of the course and the progress of the students.

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My daughter is very happy with the French classes. What I feel is that it is reinforcing the learning of the school a lot and it complements it because he learns other kinds of different things, more on a practical level. Also, since they play a lot, it seems like a super fun class, very enjoyable, so it is a very easy way for her to learn French. Learn almost without realizing it. The truth is that she is very happy and loves going to class.

Cristina Castro, Nurse

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