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Online French Course (Academic)

Face-to-face in virtual format

Et oui! This online French course is a face-to-face course with your teacher Guilhaume. Here we only use technologies so that you can attend your French classes from your home, the beach or wherever you are. & nbsp; A course that allows you to learn or improve your level of French online while still enjoying direct relationships with your teacher and your classmates.

Would you learn to skate or play soccer just by watching videos and tutorials on your mobile or your computer?

Would you do it to learn French?

To learn or improve your French, you cannot stay in theory either. You need to practice, listen, express yourself, communicate with other people. In this semi-intensive course we suggest you continue your classes with our teacher Guilhaume. He will teach you, guide you and help you learn French by practicing and using it from the first moment.

For now, technologies do not work magic but they do help a lot.

And in this French course we use them.

New technologies don’t work magic, but they do allow you to enjoy a good class and practice French with a teacher without moving. Also thanks to Google Classroom and a few other applications you will be able to consult doubts, exchange tasks with your classmates, do French exercises at the time of day or night that suits you best.

French teacher expert in virtual teaching

Live French lessons wherever you are


A stable, safe and user-friendly technology

A limited number (6 to 10 people per group)

Academic online French course

Tuition and class material included.

Check the Spanish version of the website to see the dates and prices

Guilhaume (with “h”), he is the one who will give you your French classes

At the age of 20, this French graduated in Hispanic Philology came to Spain. Since then, she has been able to develop her professional career teaching children and adolescents, going through preparation classes for official exams, or general French classes for adults.

In his classes and in his teacher training courses, Guilhaume proclaims his motto very loud: “ behind each student, a person hides. So if you manage to connect with the person, you can teach the student “.

Des questions? Des doutes? Go ahead, that’s what we’re here for!

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