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French Courses for adults

Did you know that French is again experiencing remarkable growth? If you are new to French or have very basic knowledge of it, now may be the time to start studying. Do you want to improve your written and spoken level? French is a very useful language, not only within the European Union but also as the African continent experiences strong economic development.

French Courses for Adults in CLIC

It tends to be fairly straightforward for Spanish speakers to learn French, since both languages share Latin roots. Speaking French also provides an important advantage in the labor market, since it is very valuable for companies from diverse industries.

Why sign up for a French course?

We offer French courses at different levels according to your knowledge of the language, from French for beginners to the most advanced levels. You can study up to whichever level you want, improving the competitiveness of your CV. Did you know that with us you can also prepare for the DELF and DALF exams? If you aren’t sure whether you should learn French, check out this article that talks about the advantages of studying French.

Who will your teacher be and how can they help you?

In the academy, our professionals have over 10 years of teaching experience. They also hold the IH certificate for language training. Of course, your teacher will be a Francophone. But the main qualification is our teachers’ extensive experience in teaching French to both student groups and companies. In fact, if you feel like it, they can give you your first French class in this link.

Do you wonder if we’re really all we’re cracked up to be?

If you still have any questions about who your teachers will be, we invite you to get to know them a little better.

How are French classes formed and what are the levels?

We have different levels in the academy, from the A1 course for beginners to courses that prepare you for the DELF or DALF, with intermediate levels in between. Groups are usuallycomprised of 8 students per class, so they are small and comfortable. If you are not a beginner in the language, you will have to take a test that will indicate what level you should be in. We always seek to form groups that have a similar level and similar objectives. Are you curious to know what your level is? The level test is free, and it doesn’t require any commitment. You will simply have to go to the academy to take the full test.
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Sign up for the test!

Are you thinking of taking the official DELF or DALF exams?

The DELF certificates are structured as a progressive system that follows your progress in French. So, there is DELF A1, DELF A2, DELF B1, DELF B2 and finally DALF C1 and DALF C2. Below, you can see a chart with the structure and content of each of the exams. Levels A1 and A2 of DELF are fairly easy. We encourage our students to take them because the exams act as a stimulus to continue learning, as well as a progress check. During the classes we will prepare you for the DELF tests and, a few days before, we will give you practical tutorials to prepare it for free. The B1 and B2 exams are a bit more complex and require more preparation. Keep in mind that you can take DELF B1 or B2 without having passed the previous exams.

DELF/DALF information
Listening Reading Speaking Writing
A1 20min 30min 30min 5-7min
A2 25min 30min 45min 6-8min
B1 25min 35min 45min 15min
B2 30min 1h 1h 20min
C1 40min 50min 2h30 30min
Each part is 25 points

How do we prepare you for the DELF?

Just as with other similar exams, in the DELF you must, first and foremost, have the required oral and written French knowledge. On top of that, you must also know strategies to pass these particular tests. It is very important that you know where traps are hiding in the exam and what the examiners expect from you. You must know how to manage the test timings well, otherwise, the clock can be your worst enemy. To pass the exam, you have to know a series of techniques and you need to practice a lot. Your teacher will help you by giving you exam tasks frequently, detecting your weaknesses and correcting them.

French courses for adults
4 Months course Conversation bonuses
Hours 45h 10h
Duration (months) 4 Months -
Weekly hours 3h 1h
Start date 01/10/2019
End date 31/01/2020
Days Tuesday and Thursday / Monday and Wednesday / Fridays -
Schedule Morning: 09:30 - 11:00, 11.30 - 13.00
Afternoon: 16.15 - 17.40, 18.00 - 19.30, 19.30 - 21.00
Fridays: 17.00 - 20.00
Prices 369€ 125€

Course features

  • 45 hours in total
  • 4 month courses
  • Adaptable to your schedule
  • All levels include preparation for DELF or DALF
  • Free conversation classes


What our students say

My daughter is very happy with her French classes. I feel that she’s reinforcing what she’s learned at school as well as picking up new things, which are very practical. Also, as she is learning through games and having a good time, she finds the classes really fun. So it is an easy way for her to learn French, she learns without even realising! The truth is she is really happy and loves going to her classes. 

Cristina Castro


I have loved the course, not only for the way of giving classes, but for their patience and good humor when it comes to teaching. I will continue next year without a doubt. Merci CLICK!

Raquel Gómez