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English courses for teenagers in Seville (13-17 years old)

Who is wondering at this point if speaking English is convenient? The question is no longer whether or not to speak English but what level of English to achieve. And we are not talking about breaking the language a bit, but about mastering English to the point of being able to study any subject or practice any profession in English. With our English courses for young people they will achieve everything they propose.

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English course for young people in Seville

There is no excuse anymore. For today’s young people, it is no longer about breaking English, it is about mastering it and demonstrating it through official exams. In an increasingly competitive world, English is no longer a language, it is a totally inescapable skill. & Nbsp; & nbsp; Sparing young people a lot of effort and study hours is possible with good communication-based teaching and not simply in grammar or theory classes. The young & nbsp; they need to be motivated and that can only be achieved with an enjoyable teaching that focuses on them, their interests and their need to express themselves.

Special youth course


Cambridge exam preparation B1, B2, C1

Groups from 13 years

Your child's need to learn English

The teaching of English in schools and institutes has evolved a lot and offers a greater guarantee, but this system alone does not guarantee an optimal level of English for young people. The number of students per class, the load of other subjects, an overly theoretical teaching and many other factors, do not exactly facilitate authentic bilingualism. If you master English yourself, you will have been able to prove it as a mother or father.

Guarantees of this English course for teenagers

The first guarantee is very basic. Have an English-speaking teacher who speaks English with the young people from the very beginning and naturally. The second guarantee is also basic but it is not always fulfilled: having the appropriate material, training and skills for the & nbsp; can express themselves freely and with time. The results of an English course also depend on factors such as comfort, light and hygiene of the environment.

Can anyone teach English to children?

Well, no! And there is the nuance. It is true that when you are young you learn a language faster, whatever method you use. But would you ask a Japanese friend to teach you how to make sushi just because he is Japanese? o Would you teach a Japanese woman to dance flamenco just because you are Spanish? Well, the same applies to English classes. It is a profession that requires specific training, specifically, in our case the IHCYLT, the acronym for International House Certificate for Young Learners. If you are curious, you will find information about this training in this link .

Do you want to meet us and see what we do?

Come and meet us in the company of your children. You will be able to meet with the pedagogical managers of the English courses for young people, who will explain everything you want to know without obligation. You can visit the school facilities and see in what conditions and environment we teach. If your son or daughter has some knowledge of English, they can take an oral and written English test. It is free and does not commit you to anything. The appointment is taken through an agenda system in which you can choose the day and time that best suits you.

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I was very reassured to know that my son has been prepared to pass the B2 exam. In addition, the materials were perfectly adapted for my son’s age.

Román Olmedo, Pilot

Any questions? Go ahead, that’s what we’re here for!

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