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Private English classes online or face-to-face

Do you want to learn English or just improve it, but at your own pace? If so, you can opt for private English classes. In this way, you will have fewer hours per week, you will have the only company of your English teacher and you will also be able to achieve the same objectives as in other of our courses.

Levels From A1 to C2
Start Flexible
Duration 1h

Private classes from home or face-to-face

Sometimes it is not just a question of money. A good English teacher can help you reach a higher level quickly. You may be interested in doing accounts to assess it and to encourage you to give private English classes. In this way, private English classes are also a good alternative for specific cases such as preparing for exams and public exams, or even for job interviews.

What are the advantages of private classes?

In the case of private English classes you will have many advantages. Among the main ones is the possibility of agreeing on the content and the program with your teacher, but you can also agree on the days, times, and frequency of classes and you can even adapt them each week to your schedule or your occupations.

Do you prefer to take a totally customized course?

You will be able to work exclusively in those areas in which you need more help and from this therefore you will be able to avoid what is not necessary for you. The teacher will adapt the activities to very particular vocabulary, diction, and comprehension needs and will also define very clearly the objectives, time and resources necessary to achieve them.

Prices of private classes online or face-to-face



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