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Private English Lessons

Do you want to learn or improve your English, but at your own pace? If so, you can opt for private English classes. With fewer hours weekly, and working directly with just your teacher, you can achieve the same goals as in any other of our courses.


Private English Lessons CLIC IH SevilleSometimes choosing the right class is not just a matter of money. A good English instructor can help you reach a higher level quickly. You may be interested in seeing if this is a viable option for you. Private English classes are also a good alternative for specific situations such as exam preparation, the civil servant exam – oposiciones – or job interviews.

What are the advantages of private lessons?

In the case of private English classes, there are many advantages. Among them is the possibility of deciding on the content and pace with your teacher. In addition, you can agree on the days, the schedules and the frequency of classes. You can even adapt the classes each week to your schedule or needs.

Are you still unsure that we are all we’re cracked up to be?

If you still have any questions about who your teachers will be, we invite you to get to know them a little better.

Do you prefer to take a fully customized course?

Having an English tutor, you can work exclusively in those areas of English where you need more help while ignoring the aspects you’ve already mastered. The teacher will adapt the activities to very particular needs of vocabulary, diction, and comprehension. Additionally, he or she will help you define your objectives along with the time and resources necessary to achieve them.

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How much do private lessons cost?

You can begin classes with a tutor for as low as 32 Euros per hour when you buy the 20-hour voucher in advance. The school will adapt the content to your needs and take care of any substitution needs that may arise. Of course, private lessons also require a written and oral level test to establish the learning objectives and strategies.

Private classes
Private classes
Private classes Consultar precios (1h / Class / Person)
Consultar precios (20 Classes Bonus)

Course features

  • Prices starting at 32 Euros per hour (20 hour voucher)
  • Flexible class days and hours
  • Content adaptable to the student’s needs


What our students say

A very good and modern school with excellent facilities and teachers. A success that we all had the same level so we were moving at a great pace. I studied in France for 3 months and this has been the step I needed to strengthen my level of French.

Matias Sánchez

Estate agent

I have loved the course, not only for the way of giving classes, but for their patience and good humor when it comes to teaching. I will continue next year without a doubt. Merci CLICK!

Raquel Gómez