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Finally, a fast, affordable and flexible official online English qualification. And without leaving home! Welcome to LanguageCert

Forget about expensive, cumbersome and time-consuming official English exams! Discover LanguageCert here. An internationally recognized official qualification that you can get in just 3 days without leaving home .

See the features of LanguageCert and compare with other official titles

Obtain an official degree in 3 days without leaving home

Registration up to 4 hours before the exam

Most affordable exam fees on the market

Obtaining the title with a 50% apt

Exam results in just 3 days

Possibility of presenting in parts

Oral and written in two independent tests

Tests recorded at home without an examiner

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Do you need more information about the Official English Online Certificate LanguageCert? Here are more details that can help you.

Structure of the online exam

The exam format does not require a lot of time to prepare. The official LanguageCert exam is divided into two parts, they are independent and you can pass one or both of them:

  • Written exam: Writing + Reading (2h 10 min to 2h 40 min depending on the level) & amp; Listening (30 minutes) through the exam platform with a remote supervisor
  • Oral exam, 12 to 17 min. depending on the level: Speaking online with an examiner through the exam platform
What do I need to take the online exam?

This exam modality is practical and very comfortable for you. To do this, you only need a computer, a webcam and an Internet connection. All without leaving home.

In addition, you choose when you want to take the official LanguageCert exam and we will schedule it for you.


Why should I choose LanguageCert?

  • It is an easy and practical exam, it does not need much preparation
  • You get the results in 3 working days
  • < li> You will receive an online certificate and another printed one

  • It does not have an expiration date
  • It is the only online option you have to take advantage of time at home
  • It is recognized officially by the Ministry of Education of the Junta de Andalucía and all Spanish Universities. & nbsp;

Why choose LanguageCert as your official title? And why do it with CLIC?

Get your LanguageCert certificate

There are many reasons why you should. You will obtain an internationally recognized degree, in addition you will pay more affordable rates than with other courses. LanguageCert certificates are recognized and accepted by the Ministry of Education of the Junta de Andalucía and all Spanish Universities. In addition, the entity has recently been awarded an agreement with UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI), to carry out English tests approved by the Home Office in the United Kingdom and in the rest of the world for visa application procedures. The exam format does not require a lot of time to prepare. In fact, the oral and the written exam are carried out in two independent tests of which you can pass one or both. The oral exam is done individually and is recorded. Which will prevent you from feeling intimidated in front of an examiner when doing it.

LanguageCert calls

What is the LanguageCert online exam like?

This type of exam is practical and very comfortable for you. To do this, you only need a computer, a webcam and an Internet connection. Easy right? To do this, you must acquire your CLIC International House coupon and enter the code that is provided on the LanguageCert website to take the exam (it is valid for 3 months). Then you only have to choose the day and time to take the exam. You can register up to 4 hours before the exam! After taking the exam, you will receive the results in 3 business days.

Online LanguageCert announcements
Level Exam date Registration date Full exam One part
B1 - Up to 4 hours before the exam 130€ 65€
B2 - Up to 4 hours before the exam 160€ 80€
C1 - Up to 4 hours before the exam 170€ 85€
C2 - Up to 4 hours before the exam 190€ 95€
(*): The written exam tests the following skills: Listening, Reading y Writing
Resources to study

If you think it would be useful to practice, you can take some practice tests. Click this link to access the support material.

Collaborations with academies and educational centers

Academies and educational centers

Do you manage a language academy or an educational center? Here you have the opportunity to offer your students a complementary service if you become a Registration Center. You will have many advantages. & Nbsp;

To begin with, your center will have the Registration Center accreditation, which will distinguish it from other centers. You can also offer an alternative exam to the current ones for all those students who request a different option. On the other hand, the LanguageCert exam format will allow you to offer short courses, ideal for those students who cannot or are not interested in taking long-term courses. Exams can be organized according to student demand.

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I loved the course, not only because of the way he taught, but also because of his patience and good humor when teaching. I will continue next year without a doubt.

Raquel Gómez


A very good and modern school with excellent facilities and teachers. It was great that all the students had the same level, so we learned at a good pace. This has been the step I needed to strengthen my level of English. Thank you CLIC!

Matías Sánchez


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