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English Courses for Children and Teens (4+ years old)

Whether or not English is a good idea for children’s futures is no longer a debate. It is an extremely important asset. And it’s not just about testing and splashing around in the waters of English, but about diving deep – mastering English so that one day your children will able to develop a profession using the language of Shakespeare. English is especially important today, in an increasingly globalized world.

Courses for children CLIC IH Seville

Was English unnecessarily difficult for you, and would you prefer that your child doesn’t have to go through the same thing? Today, using the right methods, children can start learning English from the age of 4. You can help them save hours of difficult study that they can use to focus on other subjects.

Do you think conventional education fails to meet your child’s needs in English?

You might be right. English teaching in primary and secondary schools has evolved greatly over the past decades, but the school system alone doesn’t guarantee that children reach advanced levels of English. The number of students per class, the burden of other subjects, and teaching that is too theoretically-based, among other factors, fail to promote true bilingualism.If you master English yourself, you can prove it as a mother or father.

And what should an English course for children be like?

The first aspect is very basic. The course should be taught by an English speaker who speaks with children from the very first day of the class with natural English. The second characteristic is also basic, but is often missing: the academy must have the right materials, ensure adequate teacher training and provide space for children to have fun learning. After all, positive results in English also depend on factors like student comfort, good lighting and cleanliness.

Do you want to meet us and get an idea of what we do?

Come in with your children and meet us! You can meet with the teaching directors of English courses for children, who will explain anything you might want to know. You can visit the school facilities and see the classrooms and environment where your child will learn. If your son or daughter has some knowledge of English, they can take our English test for children. The exam is free and does not require any commitment. If you’d like your child to take the children’s exam, the appointment is made through a scheduling system in which you can choose the day and time that best suits you.

I would like to make an appointment

Does this mean that any English speaker can teach English to children?

No. It is true that children learn languages quickly, whatever method is used. But would you ask a Japanese friend to teach you how to make sushi just because he is Japanese? Or would you teach an Indonesian girl to dance flamenco just because you are Spanish? Well, the same applies to English classes for children. It is a profession that requires specific training. In particular, at CLIC, the training provided is the IHCYLT (International House Certificate for Young Learners). If you’d like to see more about this training, you can find more information in this link.

English for children
Children Youth
Hours 65h 85h
Duration (months) 9 9
Weekly hours 2h 2h 30min
Start date 21/09/2020 21/09/2020
End date 17/06/2021 17/06/2021
Days Monday and Wednesday
Tuesday and Thursday
Monday and Wednesday
Tuesday and Thursday
Friday Only exam preparation
Schedule Afternoon Afternoon
Prices 465€ (Full)
165€ (3 payments)
60€ (Monthly)
625€ (Full)
225€ (3 payments)
78€ (Monthly)

Course features

  • 9 month course
  • For students 4 to 16 years old
  • Registration is 35 Euros


What our students say

I only have positive comments about her, she is also disciplined and fun, perfect mix. It makes class hours fly.

Eva Márquez


I found him an excellent professional. His classes are very enjoyable, he makes them fun and very varied, and being so expressive, attention and entertainment with him is guaranteed. Personally, he has given me a lot of motivation. It has been a pleasure.

Román Olmedo