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Advanced English courses for adults (Face-to-face)

Learn English with our C1-C2 courses

If you are willing to make the final leap with your English, this is the right time. Have you ever considered getting a C1 or a C2? Once you have passed levels B1 and B2, you have already overcome the hardest moments during learning English. The time has come to improve yourself with our advanced English courses for adults!

Advanced English courses for adults

Did you know that not so many people have the C1 in English? And still far fewer have reached the C2 level of English. So it is time to get down to work to join that group of lucky people who have passed the advanced English courses for adults. If you get to this point, you may want to take the CAE or Proficiency exam and if so, we recommend that you enter the Cambridge Exams section. If you are doing it for the mere pleasure of mastering English, for professional or personal reasons, in this section you will find information about C1 or C2 English courses.

Conversation classes from level A2

From 17 years

10 students maximum per class

Specialized vocabulary, phrasal verbs, expressions of all the registers and methodology in the classroom 100% in English

Who is going to teach you English classes?

Your teacher will be an English speaker and will also have a great cultural background and preparation as a trainer. As befits any good teacher for C1 and C2 levels of English. You will be assigned a teacher with a Cambridge CELTA qualification, or you may have one with the DELTA qualification, the most advanced level of English training, or even a Cambridge examining teacher. Now you must achieve the highest level in English, acquire a specialized vocabulary, handle ‘phrasal verbs’ and be familiar with expressions used in all types of records: informal, formal, journalistic, on the street, etc. All this, you can only do with a true professional.

What is the dynamics of the class?

Your classmates will have had to pass the specific tests for English levels C1 and C2. These tests are strict and, at least in CLIC, we do not let anyone access advanced levels of English if they have not really passed them. The groups range from 8 to 12 students with a balanced level. The ultimate goal is to make the final leap in learning English. Classes will focus on learning complex vocabulary and the use of elaborate linguistic turns. Therefore, a lot of time will be spent developing precise speeches on current issues, such as environment, economy, employment, politics, etc. As for reading, you will be required to understand and be able to comment on very complex press articles or texts in depth. Most likely, you will also have to work outside of class hours.

English courses C1-C2
Extensive Intensive
Hours 85h 80h
Duration (months) 9 10 weeks
Weekly hours 2h 30min 8h
Start date 21/09/2020 05/04/2021
End date 17/06/2021 17/06/2021
Days Tuesday and Thursday
Monday and Wednesday
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Monday to Thursday
Schedule Morning
Prices 649€ (Full)
234€ (3 Payments)
82€ (Monthly)
610€ (Full)
318€ (2 Payments)

A very good and modern school with excellent facilities and teachers. It was great that all the students had the same level, so we learned at a good pace. This has been the step I needed to strengthen my level of English. Thanks CLIC!

Matías Sánchez, Estate agent

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