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B1-B2 English: Intermediate English Courses for Adults

If you have the feeling that your English has remained stagnant even though you can generally interact with ease and calm, we can assure you that you are not the first feel this way. When you reach an intermediate level of English, B1 or B2, you should know that you have reached a key moment to make a qualitative leap allowing you to achieve real control of your English.

Study English in Sevilla CLIC International House

Once you have passed the B1 level of English, you could say that you are already on the right track to master English. Not only will you have lost the fear of day-to-day situations such as street conversations, email correspondence, or the ability to face basic readings. With B2, you will have completely lost your fear of language, and you will notice how you are even prepared to face a job interview in English. If you face the English B2 you have reached a point where there is no turning back, a perfect time to improve your English to the fullest. Are you in that case? Well, you could consider getting a Cambridge or Trinity B1 or B2 degree.

Who will be your teacher and how can they help you?

Firstly, they will be someone who can motivate you. Your teacher will be an English speaker, of course, but one of the fundamental teaching skills at the intermediate levels of B1 and B2 is to ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed by despair. During classes, your teacher should clearly detect your skills, your weaknesses and your fears. A good intermediate level English teacher will work with you to always keep your spirits high while studying English. They need to help you see and experience the benefits and satisfaction of improving your level of English. They must know how to teach you, of course, but they must also guide you, helping you in your search for material and topics that you are most passionate about using in English.

Who will your classmates be?

A B1 English course has different content and objectives than the B2 course, so it is impossible to mix them. Therefore, it is very important to take a test of your level of English before being put in a class. This way we can evaluate what is your true level. You can trust our experience! Even if you want to accelerate your language learning, we cannot move you to a higher level if you have not already passed B2, since it would hinder high-quality teaching. Are you still in a serious hurry? In that case, we suggest the accelerated intensive course. But a word of advice, do not try to skip stages because the end result will be worse. If you decide to take a level test it will not cost you anything, nor will it require any commitment. Reserve your level test here.

Intensive or extensive, which is right for you?

Once we’ve checked your level of English, we can offer the best English course for you in either an extensive or intensive class. Choosing which one will depend on the hurry you are in, as well as your availability. In CLIC, you can choose from quarterly intensive courses or extensive courses ranging from October to June.
Here are our schedules with days and times for the B1 and B2 English courses. If you still have any questions about which course to choose, do not hesitate to call us or stop by the academy. There is no commitment required, and we can help you with whatever you need. If what you are looking for is to directly prepare an official Trinity or Cambridge exam, you should consult this link directly: Trinity Courses or Cambridge Courses.

English courses B1-B2
Intensive Extensive
Hours 60h (20 e-learning) 90h
Duration (months) 3 9
Weekly hours 5h 30 min 3h
Start date 13/01/2020, 23/03/2020 01/10/2019
End date 19/03/2020, 12/06/2020 12/06/2020
Days Tuesday and Thursday
Monday and Wednesday
Tuesday and Thursday
Monday and Wednesday
Schedule Morning: 9:30 - 12:15
Afternoon: 19.30 - 21:00
Morning: 09:30 - 11:00, 11.30 - 13.00
Afternoon: 16:15 - 17:40, 19:30 - 21:00
Friday: 17:00 - 20:00
Prices 460€ 675€ (369€ x2)

Course features

  • Free conversation classes
  • Flexible schedule
  • For all ages
  • Methodology in the classroom of 100% in English


What our students say

A very good and modern school with excellent facilities and teachers. A success that we all had the same level so we were moving at a great pace. I studied in France for 3 months and this has been the step I needed to strengthen my level of French.

Matias Sánchez

Estate agent

I have loved the course, not only for the way of giving classes, but for their patience and good humor when it comes to teaching. I will continue next year without a doubt. Merci CLICK!

Raquel Gómez