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English courses for beginner adults and elementary level in Seville (Face-to-face)

Improve your English with our A1-A2 courses

English courses for beginners adults are the best option if you don’t know anything about the language or have a very basic knowledge of English. If you are still afraid of finding yourself in a situation where you have to communicate in English, stop worrying! You will improve your English enough to be able to defend yourself.

Basic English courses for beginners

With the English courses A1 and A2 for beginners and elementary level you will have good results very soon. These English courses for adults will allow you to express yourself without getting nervous. You will be able to have fluent conversations, chat in English with friends or clients, as well as understand the texts and instructions on web pages, or even the lyrics of many songs. In fact, if you reach A2 level, English will no longer be that great unknown.

Conversation classes from level A2

From 17 years

10 students maximum per class

Who will be your English teacher at CLIC Sevilla?

It is not enough, as you already know, to be English to teach the language of Shakespeare correctly. Teaching English almost always requires more pedagogical knowledge than the language itself. You have to know a series of rules, strategies and tricks to do it well. Your teacher will of course be English speaking, but he has also passed a CELTA or a DELTA, some very demanding courses necessary to be able to teach English at CLIC.

Who will be your English classmates?

If you feel insecure about your level of English and you are scared just thinking about what the beginning of classes will be like, stop worrying! It is a more normal feeling than you think. The rest of your classmates will have to take a written and oral English test to clearly know their level. That is why in CLIC groups of students with a similar level are formed. In fact we refuse to force the creation of groups that are not as close to each other as possible in favor of quality teaching. The classrooms are made up of groups of 5 to 10 students, at most, although the usual thing in this type of group is that they do not exceed 8 people. That is why we insist on the importance of taking a level test. Reserve it here at no cost and without obligation of any kind.

English courses A1-A2
Hours 85h
Duration (months) 9
Weekly hours 2h 30min
Start date 21/09/2020
End date 17/06/2021
Days Tuesday and Thursday
Monday and Wednesday
Schedule Morning
Prices 649€ (Full)
234€ (3 Payments)
82€ (Monthly)

A very good and modern school with excellent facilities and teachers. It was great that all the students had the same level, so we learned at a good pace. This has been the step I needed to strengthen my level of English. Thanks CLIC!

Matías Sánchez, Estate agent

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