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Become bilingual with our English courses in Seville

You will have a wide variety of English courses in Seville to learn, improve or perfect your linguistic level to the maximum. We have intensive, part-time courses, preparation for English exams in Seville.

English courses in Seville by levels (Face-to-face)

Instituto de idiomas en Sevilla

A1 level

Learn the basics of English in the simplest way.

Cursos de lenguas en Sevilla

A2 level

Our teachers will make sure that you enjoy learning English.

Instituto de lenguas en Sevilla

B1 level

When you reach a B1 level of English you have reached a key point to make the leap. Learn English in Seville!

Instituto de idiomas en Sevilla

B2 level

Our teachers are going to make sure that you enjoy learning English.

Cursos de lenguas en Sevilla

C1 level

Have you considered the possibility of getting a C1? The time has come for you to improve yourself with the help of our teachers.

Instituto de lenguas en Sevilla

English C1-C2

The last step to perfect your English and master it perfectly.

Exams and English preparation courses in Seville (Face-to-face)

Escuela de cursos de idiomas en Sevilla


Cambridge degrees continue to provide the most cache at the institutional level.

Escuela de lenguas en Sevilla


More and more students are choosing Trinity for their certification.

English classes for children and teenagers (Face-to-face)

Instituto de idiomas en Sevilla

English for children

A specialized course so that the little ones acquire ease in understanding English.

Curso de inglés para jóvenes presencial

English for teenagers

The perfect course for your children to improve their level of English.

Online English courses

Escuela oficial de idiomas en Sevilla

Online course for adults and young people

Course for adults from the comfort of your home.

Escuela oficial de idiomas en Sevilla

Online or face-to-face conversation classes

One of the best options if your greatest need is to practice your English to the fullest.

Academia de idiomas oficiales en Sevilla

Private online or face-to-face classes

Do you want to learn English in Seville? With our private classes you can study at your own pace.

Summer English camp in Cádiz

Instituto de idiomas e intercambio cultural en Sevilla

Summer Camp

If you want your child to live a unique experience while learning English, we present you a perfect option.

If you have any questions about our English courses in Seville, if you want to know the class schedules, or have questions about the & nbsp; methodology that our teachers follow, contact our team. We will inform you of everything you need. & Nbsp; Learn English in Seville with CLIC International House!