Spanish Language Schools in Spain located in Seville, Cadiz, and Malaga

Become bilingual with our English courses in Seville

You will have a wide variety of English courses in Seville to learn, improve or perfect your linguistic level to the maximum. We have intensive, part-time courses, preparation for English exams in Seville.

English courses for children in Seville

English for children in Seville

English for children

A specialized course so that the little ones acquire ease in understanding English.

English for teenagers course in Seville

English for teenagers

The perfect course for your children to improve their level of English.

English exam courses in Seville

Cambridge exam preparation course in Seville


Cambridge degrees continue to provide the most cache at the institutional level.

Trinity preparation course in Seville


More and more students are choosing Trinity for their certification.

English courses in Seville by levels

A1, A2 and B1 level English course in Seville

A1, A2 and B1 level

When you reach an A1-B1 level of English you have reached a key point to make the leap. Learn English in Seville!

B2, C1 and C2 level English course in Seville

B2, C1 and C2 level

Our teachers are going to make sure that you enjoy learning English.

Other English courses in Seville

Private online or face-to-face English classes in Seville

Private online or face-to-face classes

Do you want to learn English in Seville? With our private classes you can study at your own pace.

Face-to-face English conversation classes in Seville

Conversation classes

One of the best options if your greatest need is to practice your English to the fullest.

Ten questions you ask yourself for sure about your English course

Is it necessary to take an English test to determine my level even if I know it?

Yes! Doing a level test not only allows us to accurately determine your level of English. We will also identify your needs, your strengths and weaknesses and your learning profile. With your level test you will also get from us, without obligation, a clear diagnosis of your level and a realistic study program. You can take your written and oral English level test both online and in our schools by appointment.

Can I join a course that has already started?

Of course! Once the level test is done, they will join a new or ongoing group depending on the result of the test. So you can start as soon as possible and meet your goals. Obviously, you will only pay the proportional part of the course.

What are the most recognized official English titles?

At CLIC we recommend three types of official English qualifications: Cambridge, Trinity and Aptis. They are, by far, the 3 most recognized types of official English certificates in Spain, both in the public and private sectors. Each of these official exams has its particularity and its contents. Ask our advisers if you have any doubts in order to choose the one that best suits your needs and availability. There are different preparation courses for the Cambridge and Trinity exams. For the APTIS degree, we do faster and shorter preparatory courses.

Who are the teachers who teach English and what profile do they have?

CLIC’s English teachers are all English speakers. We consider it essential that whoever teaches you English has absolute command of the written and oral language. Of course, the fact that a teacher is an Anglophone does not give all the guarantees. For this reason, all our teachers have a training called CELTA: a demanding training certified by Cambridge that requires solid practical and theoretical knowledge of methodology. You should know that CLIC’s English teachers also follow continuous training that includes observations by experts.

How are the English classes?

You don’t come to English class to do things you can do on your own. The classes are focused on the practice of English. You receive homework and assignments to do outside of class and class time will be used to put your English into practice both orally and in writing.

How long does it take to learn English or level up?

That depends on you: the pace of study you choose, the time you dedicate to it in addition to your classes and the type of course you choose (intensive or extensive). The miracle does not exist and anyone who promises to learn English in three months is cheating on you. To go from one level to another in English, the minimum, with an intensive English course, will be 3 months.

Am I guaranteed to improve my level of English?

You have it! But you will have to dedicate a few hours outside of class and commit to carrying out all the exercises and tasks that your teacher will ask you to do.

Why can’t groups have more than 12 students?

The classes are eminently practical, communicative and dynamic. All members must actively participate and intervene in the discussions, opinions, comments. This is only possible in a small group. Any group with more than 12 students does not allow the teacher to carry out their work effectively and give everyone the opportunity to learn.

Can I do English exchanges with foreign students who study at CLIC?

Yes! And we encourage you to do so. Many foreigners from all continents study Spanish here. We organize meetings, excursions and activities inside and outside CLIC that will allow you to further practice your English or even any other language you study with us. Not to mention the opportunity to meet people from anywhere in the world.