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Pre-CELTA preparation course


Get the Most out of Your CELTA Training Course

What is English language teaching really all about? What do I need to think about when teaching new language? I can’t remember my grammar!

What does a successful, engaging language classroom look and feel like? Find out with our course bundle.

Short easy intro lessons written by an experienced CELTA trainer

See teachers in the classroom and hear about teaching English from teachers in the field around the world.

Find out about the key terms and concepts behind English language teaching.

Feel confident with a core base knowledge of English teaching so you can hit the ground running on your CELTA course.

Imagine yourself on a white-sand beach in Mexico, or Thailand, or New Zealand. You’re wandering around a walled medieval town in China or Japan. You’re having a coffee and people-watching in a stylish café in a vibrant European city. Now imagine you don’t have to go home. You’re not a tourist and it’s not a holiday. You live there. You work as an English Language Teacher and your job helps you to meet new people, make friends, and immerse yourself in the richness of another language and another culture. Your Cambridge CELTA qualification is the passport to all these dreams and more. Cambridge CELTA is the most prestigious, practical and widely-accepted initial qualification in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) or TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). A certificate for expert speakers of English. Discover the world, discover yourself – with Cambridge CELTA


14-hour course
100% Online, On Demand
Tutor available online to answer your questions
Introduction to Learner Centredness
Grammar Refresher
Introduction to Language Awareness, Analysis and Practice
Classroom Management for Adult Classes
Introduction to Language Skills
Introduction to Lesson Planning for Adult Classes


14-hour course. Introductions to key concepts, language awareness and methodology

100% Online, On Demand

Tutor available online to answer your questions

Videos of English teachers in the classroom: Get a feel for what an English language classroom looks and feels like

Quizzes and tasks to check your understanding

For anyone considering taking the CELTA or preparing for the CELTA

Pre-CELTA Online Preparation Course £95

100% Online, On demand – start anytime, go at your own pace