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Cambridge DELTA course

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University of Cambridge ESOL DELTA course

If you take your future in ELT seriously and have gained several years’ experience in teaching English to adults and want to formalize your professional development as well as acquire a highly-regarded qualification which opens many professional doors, then the University of Cambridge ESOL DELTA course could be what you are looking for.

DELTA Module Intensive courses

You can do one, two or all three of the DELTA Modules on our intensive courses here at IH Seville. The Delta Module One course is a two-week theory and exam preparation course. The Delta Module Two course is a six-week teaching practice with an assessment module. The Delta Module Three course is a one week extended assignment specialism preparatory course. Many candidates complete all three modules consecutively over a nine-week period.

DELTA Module One Online courses

A sixteen-week online Module One theory and exam preparation course. Available to candidates anywhere in Spain or all over the world, this course consists of 18 modules and prepares you for the Module One written exam offered in June or December. Candidates work on tasks together and independently, with regular input and feedback from tutors. Tasks include exam practice and a full mock exam.


Three independent modules, focusing on theory, practice and a teaching specialism

For practicing and qualified ELT teachers with a minimum of two years’ full-time experience


A minimum of 120 course contact hours plus extensive reading, research and assignment writing

To acquire new insights and a deeper understanding of the principles and practice of ELT

A stepping stone to managerial, teacher training and publishing opportunities

DELTA Module One

Understanding language, methodology and resources for teaching (20 credits) This module focuses on the background to teaching and learning ESOL in a range of contexts.

  • Theoretical perspectives on language acquisition and language teaching
  • Different approaches and methodologies, including current developments
  • Language systems and learners’ linguistic problems
  • Language skills and learners’ problems
  • Knowledge of resources, materials and reference sources for language learning
  • Key concepts and terminology related to assessment

To help you complete this Module successfully, we offer:

  • A fully-comprehensive programme of input covering all key areas above
  • Thorough guidance, timed practices, feedback and a ‘mock’ exam in preparation for the Final Written Examination, taken here in our center.
  • Access to key literature relating to the above fields
DELTA Module Two

Developing Professional Practice (20 credits)This module looks at the theory and practice of teaching and a range of factors which affect teaching and learning:

  • The language learner and the language learning context
  • Preparation for teaching adult learners of English
  • Evaluating, selecting and using resources and materials for teaching purposes
  • Managing and supporting learning
  • Evaluation of lesson preparation and teaching
  • Observation/evaluation of other teachers’ lessons
  • Professionalism and opportunities for professional development

To help you complete this Module successfully, we offer:

  • Input and individual guidance for your lesson planning
  • Input and individual guidance on choosing, planning and writing background assignments
  • Group or individual feedback on both assessed and unassessed lessons
  • A guided program of peer, DVD and in-house teacher observations
DELTA Module Three

Extending practice and English language teaching specialization (20 credits)

  • Research into specialist areas
  • Syllabus design: principles, influences on, methodological effects of, and major syllabus types as applied to the specific learning context
  • Designing syllabus and teaching programs to meet the needs of learners in the specific context of their selected specialization
  • Course design and development in the specific context of their selected specialization
  • The principles and practice of testing and assessment and application to the candidate’s specialist area

To help you complete this Module successfully, we offer:

  • Input on syllabus types, course design and testing principles
  • Introductory input and individual guidance to help choose and research your Module 3 specialization
  • On-site and/or on-line support as you write your extended assignment
  • 1 week face-to-face course + online assistance

Are you looking for this course in another city?

Delta Module 1



24/10/2022 – 04/11/2022
30/10/2023 – 10/11/2023

*Cambridge ESOL Module entry fee is not included

Delta Module 2



12/09/2022 – 21/10/2022
18/09/2023 – 27/10/2023

*Cambridge ESOL Module entry fee is not included

Delta Module 3



07/11/2022 – 11/11/2022 One week face-to-face course + online assistance
13/11/2023 – 17/11/2023

*Cambridge ESOL Module entry fee is not included

Complete the module of your choice or do all three over a nine-week period. Candidates who choose to complete the full 9 week course (3 modules) pay €2900 (€240 discount).

Delta Module 1 (Online)


29/08/2022 – 02/12/2022
16/01/2023 – 05/05/2023
17/08/2023 – 27/11/2023

*Cambridge ESOL Module entry fee is not included

Delta Module 2 (Online)


13/02/2023 – 19/05/2023

*Cambridge ESOL Module entry fee is not included


Delta Module 3 (Online)


16/01/2023 – 05/05/2023

*Cambridge ESOL Module entry fee is not included

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