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Language courses for companies in Seville

CLIC IH Seville welcomes you to the training department in companies, schools and institutions. We are specialists in language training and advice on teaching English, French, German, Portuguese or Spanish for companies.

Language courses for companies in Seville

Are you looking for language classes adapted to the needs of your company or your job?

Do you want to be able to take advantage of the funds from the tripartite Foundation to subsidize your courses?

Do you want to offer language courses to your employees and don’t know how to do it?

Language courses for companies in Seville

About language courses for companies


Why trust us to train your workers?

The success of CLIC IH Sevilla is based on the combination of the best methods, both traditional and the most innovative. We have almost 40 years of experience in teaching languages ​​to individuals and also to companies from various sectors.

  • Extensive knowledge of the business world and the needs of SMEs in terms of language training.
  • Offer whose success lies in the combination of excellent professionals and innovative technological resources.
  • Expert teachers, qualified and in constant professional development in our Teacher Training Institute, which permanently organizes training programs for teachers.
  • Teaching team with the ability to adapt to different group dynamics and more personalized classes.
  • Functional and highly participatory teaching system.
  • Teaching focused on optimizing the performance of each student.

What language course formats do we offer?

  • English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish classes.
  • Classes in face-to-face format directly at your establishment or at our facilities.
  • Classes in online format, taking advantage of the latest videoconference technologies.
  • Group classes to maximize your investment.
  • Individual classes for a faster progression and adapted to the needs of a single student.
  • Language courses focused on improving oral and written skills in foreign languages ​​for the needs of the student’s job.
  • Courses designed to improve specific professional skills (customer service, meetings, negotiations, sales, travel, presentations, etc.)

How to get bonuses for your language classes?

Can we subsidize the training courses? Of course yes!

CLIC IH works as a company that provides and organizes training for subsidized courses by Fundae, so we can carry out all the procedures to be able to finance language courses for your employees.

In short, every company that is listed in Social Security has an annual credit for the training of its workers, which can be made effective by applying bonuses to Social Security once the training has been completed. The amount varies depending on the number of workers and the amount paid to Social Security for professional training. If this credit has not been used throughout the year, the company will lose it, that is, it will not accumulate for the following year. So it would be a shame to lose this money instead of investing it in training.

Do you want to take advantage of all these advantages as easily as possible? You can count on us, we manage it for you.

How do we train your employees?

Before starting:

Initial diagnosis of the level of the students and the needs of the company
Preparation of a specific study plan.
Study of the use of bonuses according to the groups

During the course:

Regular attendance and progress reports.
Communicative approach, combining grammar, vocabulary and the development of linguistic skills.
Acquisition of practical, everyday knowledge in accordance with the needs of your company.
Wide variety of teaching resources and activities.
Periodic observations of classes by training specialists with experience in teacher training.

End of course:

Final evaluation and certificate of the level acquired.
Closing of bonuses

Methodology and progress monitoring

Focus on all language skills, teaching resources and dynamic activities

Flexible and adaptable courses

In-person, online, morning, afternoon, 20 hours, 9 months? We adapt.

Experts in language teaching

We have been collaborating with professionals, companies and organizations for 40 years. It must be for a reason…

Classes without limits or borders

Do you have a workforce spread throughout the national or international territory? Don’t worry, this is what online is for.

Subsidized training – Fundae

CLIC IH works as a company that organizes training for subsidized courses by Fundae. Every company that contributes to Social Security has an annual credit for the training of its workers, which can be made effective by applying bonuses to Social Security once the training has been completed.

We can carry out all the procedures to be able to finance language courses for their employees. This management has an additional cost calculated based on the total amount of the training program.


What do our customers and their employees think?

“What I would highlight most about Barrie is the good organization of the online classes and the interactive activities. In addition, the content of the course has been very well adjusted to the needs of the company.”

Luna, Ingelectus

“Tim is the best teacher I’ve ever had, you can’t get better. I have been dedicated to training for more than 30 years and I think that Tim is an exceptional case, he motivates, he is always alert, very up-to-date and an unbeatable control of the classes.”

Javier, Campus Formativo Cámara de Comercio Sevilla

“Always willing to guide the class according to our professional needs”

José Luis, Grupo Migasa

“Total involvement in my learning, making it easier for me to follow my classes despite work difficulties”

David, Royal Canin

“A great teacher, very involved in his classes and with the student. Without a doubt, Clic stands at the top of the language sector.”

Juan, SAT Hortifrut

“The classes are enjoyable, the teacher motivates the students and makes them work, resolves doubts and is attentive to the needs of each student.”

Ángel, Emasesa

Shall we start?

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