Spanish Language Schools in Spain located in Seville, Cadiz, and Malaga

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Learn Spanish in Spain at CLIC International House

Looking for a Spanish language school in Spain? At CLIC International House, all you need to do to learn Spanish is choose between a wide range of courses at one of our three top-class locations – Seville, Cadiz, and Malaga.

Choose between any of our Spanish Language Schools in Spain

With CLIC International House, you can study Spanish in Seville, Cadiz or Malaga: the choice is up to you, the quality is up to us! 

Learn Spanish in Seville

Learn Spanish in Cadiz

Learn Spanish in Malaga

Learn Spanish Online

English teacher training

Do you want to become an English Teacher? Check our CELTA and TESOL courses in Seville and Malaga

Spanish Teacher Training

If what you want is to become a Spanish teacher, have a look at our FELE course in Seville, Cadiz and Malaga

Other foreign Language courses

You can also learn French, German or Portuguese with us in Seville and Cadiz

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Flexible courses

From intensive courses, to private classes or exam Spanish, you’ll find the right course for you

Native teachers

This is a Spanglish-free zone. All our teachers are native speakers who are super qualified, friendly and dedicated to you. 

Excellent locations

You can study Spanish literally anywhere, but wouldn’t you rather do it somewhere as sunny, historical, and cultural as Andalusia?

Cultural Immersion

Let’s be honest, it’s not just about our Spanish schools. In Spain, there’s rich culture everywhere you look. 

Discover our Spanish schools in Spain

We also offer the following courses

Language courses in Seville

Study a wide range of courses in one of the best-preserved historical city centres in the world.

Language courses in Cadiz

Every day’s a beach day when you study one of our language courses in Cadiz.

Language courses in Malaga

Experience everything the incredible city of Malaga has to offer on one of our courses.

English Teacher Training

Become a fully qualified English teacher on our courses in CELTA, DELTA and more.

Spanish Teacher Training

Take our highly-regarded Spanish teacher training courses and become a certified Spanish teacher.

Online Spanish Courses

Learn Spanish from anywhere with our teachers: Join our Live Online Spanish.

Are we a match?

Look, we get it. You’ve been searching for Spanish schools in Spain, you’ve found a thousand different options and don’t know how to make a choice. Let us help. Here at CLIC International House, our courses are all about you.

You can learn Spanish face-to-face or online at any level, from total beginner to super advanced. So whether you’re basically fluent and want to get certified, or you’re new to Spanish and just want to be able to get through the menu of a tapas bar, we’ve got you covered!

What about the timetable? Our Spanish schools in Spain are open all year round. You can even pick how many hours of classes you take. So whether you want to squeeze in as much classroom time as possible or want more time to explore, there’s a course here for you in beautiful (and did we mention sunny?) Andalusia.


Why a Spanish Course in Seville, Cadiz or Malaga?

Seville, Cadiz and Malaga summarize between the three of them the perfect reflection of Andalusia and by extension Spain. Seville, well known for its magic architecture and atmosphere will trap you right away, for sure. But Cadiz has an irresistible charm, mainly because of something difficult to find anywhere else nowadays: its authenticity. Malaga is very praised by those looking for a destination with Mediterranean flair and a privileged climate. It’s up to you to decide where to study Spanish, it may depend on your tastes, your expectations or even the time of the year.    

Why are cultural activities and accommodation hot spots?

The success of your language trip to Spain also relies on two main hot spots: the accommodation and the cultural immersion programme. Accommodation will be your home away from home and must respond to your expectations and budget, of course! You will be able to choose between family home stay, student residence and shared flat in any of our destinations. Cultural immersion program is an extension and a key part of your learning experience. Visits, workshops, excursions, exchanges with local students, tile painting, surf, flamenco drums, whatever, there are dozens of activities you will be able to enjoy and that will help boosting your Spanish level.

Is combining Sevilla, Cadiz and Malaga a good option?

Splitting your Spanish course between 2 or even 3 of the destinations is a possibility you may explore. In the end, the three cities have their respective character and advantages. If you do so, you should try to spend at least 2 weeks in each city you pick up for your Spanish course

Are you over 50? Looking for Senior course?

When it comes to learning a foreign language, mature people are clearly in a quest for something slightly different. A different pace, a more culture focussed experience, comfort and a customized social program. This is what we offer if you are over 50. The senior courses are conceived and implemented in Seville, Cadiz and Malaga at different time of the year and: Museums, flamenco, cooking, wine testing, opera…

Are you in search of Spanish course for Juniors or Teens?

Our junior and young adults Spanish courses are available in Cadiz and Malaga. Cadiz is the favourite destination of kids between 13 and 17 years old, especially in the summer. Malaga happens to be fabulous destination for young adults from 18 Y/O onwards.   

David Riddell
David Riddell
The best language school in Sevilla.
Sheila Mitchell
Sheila Mitchell
Wonderful location. Lovely flat. Fantastic terrace
agnes winter
agnes winter
Zowel op locatie als online lessen gevolgd. Prima prijs kwaliteit verhouding. Fijne docenten en goede lessen. Veel geleerd. Ik kom zeker weer terug.
Julian Richardson
Julian Richardson
CLIC Sevilla is a wonderful language school. The staff are very friendly and helpful. This summer was the second time I took Spanish classes there. Both times were very enjoyable and productive. As a bonus, they have a very nice building.
Aurore Portejoie
Aurore Portejoie
Super école ! Expérience enrichissante ! Je recommande à tous ceux qui veulent allier l'apprentissage de l'espagnol et la découverte de la culture associée !
Miriam Rodriguez
Miriam Rodriguez
Super Lernambiete. Sehr gutes, alltagsbezogenes Lernkonzept. Reden, reden, reden unter super Anleitung steht hier im Vordergrund. Nette und kompetente Lehrer. Prima Rahmenprogramm und ergänzende Freizeitaktivitäten. Ich bin sehr zufrieden und habe für den Herbst eine weitere Woche gebucht.

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