Spanish Language Schools in Spain located in Seville, Cadiz, and Malaga

Our partner Surfawhile about CLIC International House

It was back in 2016 that we got in touch with Clic for the first time. Within the language school industry, we’d already heard several things about them, not only because they were part of International House, as well as IALC. By these trademarks alone, we already knew that the quality of the lessons would be high and the school would be ran in a very solid way. 

In 2017 we had the pleasure of visiting Clic Cádiz for the first time. As we are into surfing and language, Cádiz is to us the most interesting destination of Clic as it offers some very interesting conditions. Together with my colleague Hans, we visited Cádiz and we were shown the school building as well as the surf school. It was great to experience the South of Spain during the month of January, were it (not) surprisingly reached up to 20 degrees. This felt like such a treat to us, coming from the cold Amsterdam. 

The year after, we came back to Cádiz where we visited the school again. This time around, they had moved into the new building, coming with a very modern setting. We were shown the school again, met a number of students and participated in a cooking activity (the Paella was truly delicious!). Of course we went back to visit our friends at the surf school again, which was great.

We’ve experienced Clic as a very professional organisation and the students that visited the school through us always have been very happily surprised. The location – for obvious reasons – is great and something the students always like in particular. From Cádiz, there are so many options for excursions and other activities. Students are likely to visit other places like Sevilla, Ronda, Malaga, Gibraltar and Tarifa. Closer to Cádiz, there’s the beautiful Conil de la Frontera among numerous other amazing and worthwhile places. And if the students plan it well, they will be around for the yearly carnival, widely considered the best carnival of Spain.  

We are well looking forward to many more years of collaborating. The contact we maintain with owner Bernhard, his daughter Blanca and both Hugo and Marina in Cádiz is great and often feels more like friendships than business. Besides the visits to the schools, we meet them regularly at conferences and later this year, we will surely see them again. But before that, we will do our very best to inform our students about the great things Clic and Cádiz have to offer. We do so through our surf travel platforms SurfaWhile (1) and Errant Surf (2), where the first brand focusses on the Dutch-speaking market and the second has a more international orientation. 


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