Problems with Zoom?



  • Before class please check that the sound and video is working on your device.
  • A computer is better for class than a tablet or phone
  • If it’s possible, connect your computer to your router with an ethernet cable
  • If you are using wifi, stay close to the router
  • Don’t use other internet heavy apps (e.g. Netflix, video games) during the class because they will limit the bandwidth which causes audio and video problems
  • If possible, have a back-up device to connect if your first option doesn’t work, e.g. another laptop, a phone or tablet.
  • Turn off other unnecessary programs/apps on your device during the class
  • Use a headset or phone headphones for better audio quality



Audio Problems


You can’t hear anything

Things to check:

  • Are your speakers/headphones connected?
  • Are your speakers/headphones turned up?
  • Try your speakers and headphones in a different device – Do they work? If not, try different speakers or headphones.
  • Test your sound on your computer.
    • Go to and play a video.
    • Do you hear anything? If you can, the sound is ok on your computer. If not, the sound settings need to be changed.
    • Changing sound settings: Windows: Go to control panel > Sound
    • Changing sound settings: Mac: Go to Apple > System Preferences > Sound
  • Check you are using a device with speakers or headphones and they are connected.
  • Check you don’t have your device connected to an external speaker through bluetooth.
  • Use a different device.

The teacher can’t hear you

Possible Solutions:

  • Check you aren’t muted. Click the unmute button on the Zoom toolbar.
  • Check you have connected your mic.
  • Check your mic is working – test it using the audio test on the Zoom toolbar.
  • Check your volume is turned up.
  • Use your mobile as a mic – You will need to use the Zoom app, and log in both to Zoom on your computer, and in to the app on the phone.
  • Use a different device.

Your sound quality is poor

Possible Solutions:

  • Use headphones with a mic.
  • Turn off their video and see if it improves.
  • Use other headphones.
  • Turn down the mic volume a little and see if it improves.
  • Use another device.

Video Problems


You can’t see the teacher

Possible Solutions:

  • Check the teacher’s video is turned on.
  • Check you are looking at the Zoom meeting screen
  • Check you have the gallery view turned on (the automatic setting is whoever is speaking is shown)

Your video is not working

Possible Solutions:

  • Check your video is turned on the Zoom toolbar.
  • Are you using a webcam, laptop, or mobile device with a camera.
  • Check the webcam is plugged in and working.
  • Check if the camera is covered up.
  • Use the chat box to send answers.

Connection problems


Poor internet connection

Possible Solutions:

  • Turn off your video.
  • Use a LAN cable to connect to the router.
  • Check there are no other devices using the internet – turn them off if possible.

The teacher has another meeting in progress and you can’t access the class.

Possible Solutions:

  • Email the teacher telling them you can’t access the class.
  • Send a message to your classmates telling them you’re having this problem.
  • Contact clic if you can’t do either of the above.