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Extensive course

Three sessions a week

8.30 pm to 10.10 pm IST (Other time options available on request)

Starting dates

Next beginners batch commences on August 2, 2021

All Other levels: Any Monday after free level assessment

Optimized group size

Average 6 and maximum 10 students per group


Certification of completion includes  Instituto Cervantes accreditation (most prestigious international accreditation)



LEVEL A1- Beginner


LEVEL A2- Elementary


LEVEL B1- Pre-intermediate


LEVEL B2- Upper-intermediate


LEVEL C1- Advanced


LEVEL C2- Proficiency

Four reasons why you should learn Spanish with a native teacher

Learning with a Native Spanish teacher has irrefutable advantage that you must take into account if you aim at learning Spanish. 

Doubling the value for money of your lessons

True: learning from a native may require more efforts and concentration during the lessons, but it has a greater benefit. By listening and speaking Spanish during your lessons: you double the value by developing your speaking skills and grammar simultaneously.

Overcoming the language barrier much faster

A native teacher speaks Spanish to you right away: he uses all possible gestures, drawings, metaphors or else to make you understand. This makes you familiar with phonetics right away and you start putting your knowledge into practice. Would learn how to play tennis only by watching Nadal play?

Learning the modern and current Spanish

A native speaker has a larger and more updated vocabulary, including expressions and jargons related to Media, industries, etc. A native speaker lives surrounded by the social, politic and economic realities of Spanish world and by extension, Europe.    

Increasing motivation therefore results

When learning with a native teacher, you approach directly the culture related to the language. Learning from a native boosts your motivations because you establish an emotional relationship with the teacher’s cultural background.  A Native teacher opens a new window on the world for you and this nourishes a crucial element to learn a language: motivation.  

Of course,you want to know our methodology, don’t you?


Highly interactive and fun classes that emphasise not only on grammar but also focus extensively on conversation and listening.


Insights into Spanish and Hispanic Culture.


Teaching methods also includes games, music and theatrical techniques.


Free cultural activities.

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Your teachers, Antonio, Isabel, Piedad and Alejandro are more than just Spanish native teachers. They also have all been teaching Spanish for years and to 35 nationalities, among others Indian students. 

¡Hola! Soy Antonio

¡Hola! Soy Antonio

32 years of experience. Loves using theatrical techniques in the class.

¿Qué tal? Soy Isabel

¿Qué tal? Soy Isabel

Teaching Spanish since 1992 to more than 50 nationalities .

¡Encantado! Yo soy Alejandro

¡Encantado! Yo soy Alejandro

Ten years of experience. Creativity and gamification guaranteed.

Namasté! Y yo soy Marta

Namasté! Y yo soy Marta

Eleven years of teaching. Brings the magic of music in her lessons.

“I’m an IT graduate and took up Spanish cause my Company was starting to get projects in Spain and Argentina. My priority was to get as soon as possible a B1 level to be able to understand the briefing of her clients. Isabel understood right away my needs and in her classes regularly adapted some exercises and practice activities related to IT. “

Sandip Saini. India

“With all the materials and instant corrections from the teacher, it works even better than I had imagined.”

Richard Burridge. UK

“The online classes were great! They really helped me improve my spoken Spanish, we practiced a lot of conversation and they were very flexible. I gained a lot of confidence when speaking Spanish thanks to these classes!”

Jess Wright, USA

“I was able to take the DELE exam because of all the help my teacher gave me with pronunciation and vocabulary. Thank you!”

Marie Bouchard, France

Of course, we have a whole team ready to back you, help you in any pedagogical or admin issues and take feedback from you. 


¡Hola! I’m Ruchi

I’m from Mumbai. I’m your go-to person for all queries related to your Spanish programs. Just drop me a line or call me and I’ll be happy to help you.

¡Bienvenidos! Soy Elena

I’m Spanish from Sevilla. I’ll help you with any pedagogical or admin issues. I will be in touch with you for your reports, certificates, etc.

Spanish Live online Indian: Video Testimonial

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Why is learning and speaking Spanish so delightful for Indians?

Indians enjoy learning Spanish since Spaniards and Indians have more in common than any other European nationality. Indians and Spaniards share lots of traits and habbits.

Should you learn a language with a native or non-native teacher?

Is there a right and irrefutable answer to this question? Actually, there is one!

5 good reasons to learn Spanish

Spanish is a great language that is spoken by over 500 million people worldwide, either as their native language or as a foreign language. That means Spanish won’t just be able to help you on your next holiday trip to Spain, it can also help you in all kinds of situations all over the world.


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