Spanish Language Schools in Spain located in Seville, Cadiz, and Malaga

After the recent events related to COVID-19 and after carefully analyzing messages from official authorities, both health ministry and government, we want to send you a message of calm, tranquility and confidence in CLIC.

We are here to help you. Each person comes from a different place, each person has different needs. We are going to help you personally in any way we can. We understand that some of you, due to COVID-19 insecure situation prefer to go home. It can be done, we will help you to do so if you need it. We will find a way for you to take the course that you cannot do right now, you will make it possible for you to come back later and you will always be welcome to CLIC.

At the moment we will continue with classes next week. For weeks, we have been increasing hygiene, cleaning and information measures to deal with this situation, following the recommendations made by the health authorities.

Obviously, if this situation changed in the next few days, we would act according to the needs of the situation.
As soon as necessary, the classes will be given through an electronic platform. We are prepared to use this platform and so that teachers can teach their classes and you can receive them from your homes. From Seville or from your countries.

We are constantly in contact with the regional, municipal and health authorities to inform us about what is happening in all of Andalusia and we will be vigilant so that everything develops according to these indications.

If anyone has any questions about their own case, they can contact our team and they will be assisted to help you in any way possible.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Bernhard Roters
CLIC International House Director

For any questions contact our team: