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Senior Course

Much more than a simple holiday.

If you are curious about this course you may want to read our blog post Spanish course for +50, before you take the plunge. The article helps you choose the city in which you would like to have your Spanish language experience.

Spanish for Seniors (50+)

Contrary to what is commonly accepted, it is never too late to start learning a new language. This two week course offers a comfortable pace and great cultural opportunities to boost your Spanish skills while broadening your horizons. CLIC offers a motivating combination of classroom lessons with a rich cultural programme that varies depending on the season.

If you are curious about this course you may want to read our blog post Spanish course for +50, before you take the plunge. The article helps you choose the city in which you would like to have your Spanish language experience.

If you’re still not sure which city would fit you the best, here is some extra information to help you make a decision about whether Seville is the place for you to do your Senior Spanish Course.

Architecture and tradition

If you fancy architecture and tradition, Seville is without any doubt one of the most interesting cities in Spain. You may already know that Seville is home to three world heritage sites: The Alcazar Palace, the Cathedral and the Archivos de Indias. Besides its world heritage, Seville is a great city for strolling, a city full of old districts, a place to discover small hidden squares and flowery cobblestone streets. Seville is a journey to the essence of Andalusia and to the golden age of Spain. Upon setting foot in the Andalusian capital, you will understand right away why no fewer than a hundred operas are set in this lovely city.

Lively bars and terraces

Seville is a vibrant city and its people know a thing or two about living well. All around town you’ll see friends meeting up for a glass of wine or a beer to have passionate discussions about life, politics, or just about anything. Seville is a city in which you will never feel alone. On any day or at any given time, you can find a place with a lively and warm atmosphere to sit down for a drink or some tapas.

Flamenco still thrives

Seville is clearly the place for you if you like flamenco music and dance. The level and quality of the performances is incredible. From la casa de la Memoria to the only Flamenco Museum in Spain. Flamenco is not just a music style; it is also one of the most popular expressions of Andalusian culture. Seville gathers the best, most promising and current talents in Flamenco music and dance.

Why is the Spanish 50+ course in Seville structured differently?

The Spanish course for seniors for those over 50 years old was created as to give our more mature students – who might have similar learning profiles, tastes, and expectations – their own specially adapted package. This course is slightly different from our standard courses, the rhythm and method of teaching have been adapted to more mature students. The cultural programme also plays an integral part in achieving this. It always includes an orientation walk, welcome drinks, a meal with the teacher, and a flamenco show. The rest varies depending on the season.

Seasonal highlights in Seville for the Spanish 50+ course

In addition to our regular cultural programme, the course includes special highlights to boost your motivation and optimise your learning experience. To learn Spanish and understand the culture, you really benefit from taking part of some of the most typical cultural phenomena which enrich the city of Seville: its food, its social events, the atmosphere, etc. That is why we have decided to give each season a special theme:

  • Gastronomy and wine tasting or Semana Santa in March, April, and May
  • Feria in April
  • Flamenco in September and November
  • Opera in November

Additional notes

Price includes: course material, book, orientation walk, welcome drink, one meal with the teacher, one flamenco show, all cultural activities and entry to museums, cookery class and a highlight activity according to season.

3 week price is 2 weeks senior program + 1 extra week tuition.

  • Wine & gastronomy: 4 March, 13 May, 14 October.
  • Semana Santa: 8 April.
  • Feria: 29 April.
  • Flamenco: 18 March, 16 September, 4 November.
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Spanish for Seniors
Classes / Week 20
Weeks Price
1 318.00€
2 636.00 €

Spanish Level Test

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Course features

  • 6 to 8 students per class
  • 20 lessons per week, 50 min each + special cultural and leisure programme
  • 2 weeks course
  • Elementary to upper-intermediate (A1-B2)
  • Minimum age 50


What our students say

“The best language school to learn Spanish at. The friendly staff and excellent teachers will make your stay enjoyable and there are all different types of accommodation to meet your needs. The cultural programme has a wide variety of activities to keep you busy and entertained all the time. It’s my third year and I’m already planning for the next one. To sum it up, an ideal place to learn, meet people and have fun!”

Theo de Jongste
The Netherlands

“If it’s International House, it’s good, and if that is in Seville, twice as good! Why? Because the quality of its teachers and methodology. The proposed cultural activities that contribute to the knowledge of cultural aspects complement and complete the purely linguistic learning. The location contributes a lot, because there are many things to do in and near the city. It’s my fifth year coming and I hope there will be many more to come. Thanks CLIC, I miss you already.”

Janet Bell