Spanish Language Schools in Spain located in Seville, Cadiz, and Malaga

Shared flats

1-2 guests1 room1 bed1 bathroom

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If you would like to live with Spaniards while still remaining independent, this is a fitting option for you. One or two Spanish locals who have a flat offer one or more rooms to our foreign students. All flats are located in the central and historical districts of Sevilla, at no more than 20 minutes walking distance from the school.


  • Self-Catering
  • Wifi Internet on request
  • Bed linen, towels

House rules

  • Everything except my own room

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Shared Flat 2019

Type Single room Double roomm
1 wk 130,00€ 115,00€
2 wks 260,00€ 230,00€
Extra week 130,00€ 115,00€
Extra night 20,00€ 20,00€

Extra information
Self catering.


What our students say

“The best language school to learn Spanish. The friendly staff and excellent teachers will make your stay enjoyable. There are all different types of accommodation to meet your needs. The cultural programme has a wide variety of activities to keep you busy and entertained all the time. It’s my third year and I’m already planning for the next one. To sum it up, an ideal place to learn, meet people and have fun!”

Theo de Jongste

Student, The Netherlands

“If it’s International House, it’s good, and if that is in Seville, twice as good. Why? Because the quality of its teachers and methodology. The proposed cultural activities that contribute to the knowledge of cultural aspects complement and complete the purely linguistic learning. The location contributes a lot, because there are many things to do in and near the city. It’s my 5th year coming and I hope there will be many more to come. Thanks CLIC, I miss you already.”

Janet Bell

Student, Australia