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About our Spanish School in Seville

Everything you need to know about CLIC, leading Spanish Language School in Seville

Who we are?


CLIC International House Cádiz was founded in 1983 and is the top Spanish language school in Cadiz. Taking a Spanish language course with us is more than just going to class, and it’s easy to see why CLIC International House Cádiz has gained an excellent reputation for its extra curricular activities. We truly believe that a successful language course not only involves having excellent teachers, but that there is also a social and cultural aspect to it, which we help you fulfill. CLIC International House Cádiz is not just a Spanish language school, we also offer foreign language courses to locals, and we’ve become well known for our English and Spanish Teacher Training.









Do you want to know us?


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What you can expect from CLIC International House

Really good Spanish teachers committed to quality

Your success depends very much on the quality of teaching: we only employ teachers who have proven their passion for the Spanish language, are committed to quality, have been trained to use a communicative methodology, and clearly understand what student-centred teaching means.

Really good Spanish teachers committed to quality

No chance to hide away here, there will only be between 5 and 9 other students in your group, so expect your teacher to make you practice both your spoken and written Spanish at all times. However, don’t worry, you will have plenty of opportunities to talk about your own interests and share them with your classmates and teacher.

A safe, clean, and cozy school with stunning premises

With more than 2000 square meters and a beautiful central patio, CLIC Seville perfectly mixes the city’s historical architecture with modern equipment and technology. Our school is also wheelchair accessible, offers a rooftop terrace with a pool, and of course free WiFi.

A rich, social, and varied cultural programme

Your Spanish learning experience will not be limited to your classroom, so expect loads of social and cultural action: guided walks, museums, cooking, painting, language exchange parties with locals, movie screenings, and other new surprises every week.

A comfortable, bright, and spacious classroom

No need to leave your book on the floor or to squirm in your chair, no need to prick up your ears or feel cramped: expect comfort, space, light and high quality equipment!

A multicultural, multi-generational, and cosmopolitan atmosphere

Japanese, Swiss, German, Korean, American, these are just some of the nationalities of our students and they all share the same goal: to learn Spanish. More than 2000 people from 30 different countries come here each year, and that’s not including our Spanish students! Expect to make some new friends from who knows where…

A welcoming and budget friendly foodies’ corner

Does studying usually make you hungry? You’re not the only one! Before, in between, an after your Spanish classes, expect a wide variety of Spanish and international food at a really good price from our cafeteria located in the large central patio, where you can share your meals with new friends.

A welcoming and carefully selected accommodation within walking distance of our school

Your accommodation is also an important part of your Spanish course in Seville. Whether you are looking for stylish studios or apartments, homestay, shared flat, or something else; expect us to provide you with a wide variety of accommodation options, ranging from low budget shared flats to high standard luxury apartments.